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1986 TC Contender Finished

As you know I have posted about my TC Contender that I just purchased. I got my Fathers day gift in today and have her all finished with a Burris 2-7x32 scope and a Haus of Arms stock set. I have also posted about the Magpul Bipod that she is wearing. This Bipod I added a new angle cut with a hand file. That way it will give the pistol a little more length for the bench and lower the Bipod a little also. Anyway that was also posted about. So here are some really bad pictures that I took inside this morning before heading to the range to sight the scope in for this pistol and see how well and accurate she shoots with the Magpul Bipod. I will get better pictures at the range in the good sunlight. Should be an awesomely hot day here in Kentucky.

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Very satisfied with it now. It shoots 5 rounds into one hole at 25 yards. Only problem I have with it is some Failure to Fire. Get it sighted in and pull the trigger hammer falls and nothing happens. I think since it is 34 years old it needs new springs.

Anyway Love shooting it and here is a better range picture.

When I say it shoots as well as my CZ 457 MTR and my Clarks Custom 10/22. This is what I mean, here is a 5 shot grouping while I was zeroing the scope in. At 25 yards Aguila SE SV. That target is .875 (7/8") from the thin outside line across.

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Now, I thought she was done until today.

Last few outings I have had failure to fire one right after the other one. With both the TC 10" barrel and the new MGM 14" Match barrel. I ended up working on the lugs a couple different times today but now the barrel locks-up tight and no more failures to fire. Had a great time with her today.

Here is the way she is set up now. I am shooting targets that are .875 (7/8") across. These are being shot at 25 yards, so I needed a scope with a little more umph behind it. I tried to see which one I liked better today, my 3-12x32 Burris pistol scope, or a rifle scope. The rifle scope that I tried was only a 6 power, could barely see the bullet holes at 25 yards. So ended up putting this rifle scope on her today, test shoot tomorrow. Mueller 8-32x44. I will definitely be able to see the target and bullet holes now. It actually goes good with the 14" barrel. I ended up on my testing today really preferring the rifle scope over the pistol scope. The rifle scope was a lot more comfortable to shoot since I did not have to keep my arm stretched out to get the proper eye relief like I had to on the pistol scope.

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