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scope for encore pistol

I am new to the Thompson center pistol. I shoot pistols but with out scopes but am interested in trying one on my ecore with a 15 inch 223 barrel. looking for information from shooter that use them
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Welcome to the board.

I just saw this post, sorry. I shot scopes in Silhouettes, long bistable, 1/2 size and regular 200 metes for 20 years. Information about pistol scopes is about as scarce as finding more than one in your local store.

To answer many of these questions I wrote a magazine article comparing 12 scopes and red dots back years ago. No sense talking about them all, just need to cover the top 3, without regard to cost, only quality, repeatable adjustments, etc.

The comparison was run at the International Silhouette Championship match at Ft. Stockton, TX during the 10 days of the week July to August. It involved 12 optics mounted on a 2x6 reinforced rail between two tripods with 100 lbs of weight hanging from each tripod center, targets at 200 meters. Each match participant in the optical sight class was given a paper with red dot numbers and scope numbers on it. The scoring was 1 out of 10, per number for each scope or each red dot. Dots at one end, scopes at the other, in two groups. No touching the sights only look through hem and rate them. No sense in listing all the optics only the top 3.

Red Dot: Gilmore 2 MOA dot.
Scope: Burris Variable w 12x, Weaver variable

Of note: Gilmore sold to Leopold, has a flattop set of rings where you can mount a level for distance shooting to eliminate the major draw back, canting. Has no focal point or eye relief without magnification.
Weaver variable has a small center of focus, the clarity is excellent.
The Burris tested is a USA made scope, the eye relief shortens as the magnification increases.
The scopes may require an extension for the base to move the scope back for eye relief.
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