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I finally got to test the bedding job on my SKS

When I was restoring my stock I noticed how much play there was with the receiver to stock fit so I started watching youtubes of people bedding their SKS rifles.

I decided that I didn't have anything to loose doing it so I did. I just simply used JBWeld. It fits nice and tight to the stock with no movement at all but it is still easy to take apart. It could also stand to have a professional trigger job done but I'm ok with it.

Well, FINALLY, I got out to my range yesterday to try it and its a WOW situation. My 15 or 25 yard zero strategy though didn't work. I need to put my laser bore sight back in there and see just what I have now. A guy next to me was running in a new 308 with a 16x and so he did a couple of spots for me because I couldn't see where I was. I was trying to shoot the little white steel guy at 100 and alls I have is a 3 moa reflex on the thing and it is a cheapo one. My eyesight is also not what it used to be. Turned out I was hitting something like 3 feet over little white dude's head. Once I got it dialed down I could sit there and hit the 3 or 4 inch diameter center mass zone on the steel until I was bored and ran out of ammo.

This is the best that my gun has ever shot to date and it doesn't loosen up or string once I have run a few clips through it like it did. I was running Golden Bear also which I have found to be fairly accurate and I also shot some Red army standard which is also fairly accurate and about the same as Golden Bear.

My new range now has a 200 yard berm but there were no target frames down at 200 yet so next trip maybe or I may take my 30.06 out and check out the BDC reticle at 200.

I had never bedded an action before but after watching all the youtube videos specifically of SKS bedding it was not all that difficult. If you enjoy shooting your SKS and your action is a bit loose in the stock and you would like a bit better accuracy, I would say that bedding it is definitely worth the effort. You may have a closet SKS that you don't shoot because it patterns so loose and bedding the stock may be the answer to fixing it. It is easy enough to check it.

Before I forget, mine is a 1959 Romanian and I very much enjoy throwing lead down range with it. I may have to get me a better scout mount reflex sight for it now or even a long eye relief halo dot 1 to 6 maybe. and see what it can really do now.

Thought I might as well shoot a photo of it. I specifically did not strive for perfection on the stock restore. I wanted to keep the almost 60 year old character of it.
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I think I understand why it was so high based on my short zero which technically should work. It is that scout mount and the holographic on top of that and then the short distance between the front and rear sights. There is not really any way to lower that thing. I have the gun properly zerod at 100 now though so I guess I will just live with the bullet drop out at 200 or more. With the general ammo choices it will drop 7 inches at 200 an 26.5 at 300.

I don't know why that photo greyed out my bluing because the gun has a good dark blued finish.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. It is a nice looking SKS. I have one as well and it shoots pretty good. I do like the rifle. My stock fits pretty tight. I always wanted a trigger job to see how it would do. I have no bayonet lug.

Once you have it dialed in, your good to go.
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The sks trigger jobs by Kavvari (been a while, i may have spelling wrong) is well worth it imo. He was very popular on another forum due to his sks trigger job. Very smooth and crisp break. I think its 3.5-4 lbs.
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