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Sighting in my SKS

This would also apply for my mini 30 sighting plan.

I saw a ex spec ops guy who has studied the AK for years and also said he had used it in some of his operations. He says to zero at 15 yards and since we are technically zeroing the 7.62 by 39 round, I'm considering applying this for my SKS and my mini 30. This puts you 5 high at 100, 4 high at 200 and 7 low at 300. The round pretty much drops like a rock after 300 yards or so.

If you zero at 100 yards, the round has dropped 21(hollow point) to 27(124 fmj) inches by 300 which is a hard distance to guestimate. With a 15 yard zero, you can basically hold the same poa from 0 out to 300 yards and remain in the torso hit zone of 2 legged animals.

I don't know if this would be the best for a deer rifle though. Maybe it should still be zero'd at 100 for 7.62-39 round that that would be one of my questions on this. If you zero at 100 and need to make a 300 yard shot on a deer where do you hold over? Maybe it is not wise to try and shoot a deer at 300 yards with this round? Is the top of the deers back around 21 inches higher than the vital organ or heart/lung kill zone?

I have my original sight back on my SKS for right now. How do you sight the rifle with that thing so you can use the battle sight position? My understanding is that the marks are in meters so it would be like 347 yards I think it is for the battle sight zero.

I finally got a laser bore sight. Every time I need to thoroughly clean my SKS I have to take the scout scope mount and sight off and then it never goes back on exactly the same.
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Interesting. I think I had heard that once before. My SKS is in parts in the basement. Its getting a new finish on metal and wood. Won't be long and I will have to try out your sighting plan.
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So after a 25 yd check, I went out to 100yds but I am not using the irons which some purists may use, but I use practicality as my driving force. And approaching 63 I have good vision but not good enough to discern iron sights and a dynamic target at distance. So I have a dot sight that allows me use of my correction but it sits higher over the bore than the irons. I have verified my height above bore ass-umptions by shooting at 300 yds. and that works for me. Notice I said works for me. As in if the shooter does not understand exterior ballistics of the cartridge, then you're wasting your time anyway.
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I have a scout scope mount with a holographic sight on my SKS. I have some eyesight damage and I can't see to use the irons. The problem I have with it is that it messes up my 15 yard sight in because the holographic is 2 inches above the bore.

On my mini 30 the circle dot is 1 1/2 inches over bore and the 15 yard sight in works for it.

On my SKS the sight in at 20 yards gets me 5 over at 100, 4 over at 200 and 7.5 under at 300. That is close enough.

The other issue is with regard to the different velocities different rounds have. They range from 2330 for 124 FMJ to 2460 for some 123 grain HP's. Sor far, checking ballistics the 100 and 200 are about the same but the drop out at 300 changes down to a bit over 4 inches for the hot rounds so that is a 3 inch difference or 1 moa at 300. Maybe it is not so much.

All of this sort of messes with my KISS objective with my 2 guns until I can find something of a happy medium with the ammo.
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with its stock mil sights @ 50 yds it won't hit a barn door but @ 100 yds it hits 100% MOPPA. (minute of pie plate accuracy)
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For Deer Hunting, i would go for a 200 yd Zero which would get you ( in theory ) +1 inch at 100 yds. If we are really talking about deer hunting here, i wouldn't want a shot beyond 200 yds anyway, as it would likely not be a one shot kill much beyond that distance. Taking into account the distance between the center of the bore line, and the center of your optic, i would aim for the center of the Bullseye and hope to be hitting near the top of a 3 or 4 inch circle on the bull. I think a hit on the paper 1.5 to 2.0 inches high above a centerline crosshair at 20-25 yds should get you close on intial sight in. My 2c.
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