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New Pickup SKS

Some friends have a gun shop out in the county and when I went in there the other day and saw a rifle next to a couple of mini-14's but all I could see was the strap. I asked to see it and found this SKS, it was on consignment and got it for $200. The only thing I can see wrong with it is someone tried to tighten or loosen the cross bolt stock reinforcing pin. They must not have known about the pin behind the bolt head and ripped up some wood and put a small crack in the outside of the stock. The serial #'s all match and all in all I think a pretty good deal. Just a little stretch away from my AR's.
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Looks good, great price if it's a good shooter. Do you have the original magazine and tool kit? Make sure the firing pin is freely flopping back and forth as you tip the muzzle down and back up. Better yet get one of these:
Based on what I see it's a Norinco, what factory number is in triangle? Some are better than others. But for 200 bucks it's hard to go wrong zorro
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You did good, the SKS and the AKs have really been rising in price as of late. I'm not going to be one of those guys that tells you to get rid of the detachable magazine, but if you come across an original 10 round magazine. Buy it.

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Good buy
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Looks good. I like mine. Agree that it might be good to consider a fixed mag. Otherwise enjoy. Good shooter.
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Is that a Norinco? They tend to all have the lighter finish and the spike bayonet.

Check your action to stock fit too. It is common on these guns that the rear of the action will slide back and forth and also sometimes forward and back. Some of it is the nature of how the action assembles into the gun. The wiggle kills the accuracy. I was refinishing my stock last week on mine and found the same wiggle problem so I minimal jbweld bedded it at the stock cross pin and at the back of the action. It doesn't wiggle any at all now but I haven't gotten to go run it and see how it shoots.

First thing I did when I bought mine is get the stainless firing pin. I keep several 10 round strippers loaded up for mine. I can shoot so many rounds that pausing to put 10 more in at a time helps save me ammo.

There is one other problem I have seen in SKS videos and that is a negative creep issue with the trigger and hammer but it only happens sometimes and not every trigger has it.

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Mine is from factory two. I just ordered a stencil so I could paint a snake skin pattern on it. Stock to metal fix is excellent. I took the trigger apart and polished all its parts. Made it a little better but not ideal. Its a keeper.
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I went ahead and put a poly stock on it so that I could fix the stock. It has worked out pretty well except the gas tube had a trouble lining back up without a little filing on the handguard.
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