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Will an SKS safely shoot these?

They are made by RBCD. Bullet weight is 112 grains, muzzle energy of 2391 ft pounds, muzzle velocity 3100 fps.

I thought maybe these are for some bolt gun somebody makes.

Also just discovered that RAS has come out with boat tail 7.62 by 39's and yep, everywhere I have looked they are sold out.

Anybody know where some of these are just right at the moment?
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I wouldn't shoot them thru any of my rifles. Sounds like borrowing trouble, to me.
The Combloc rifles are made in a bunch of different countries, using different steel,
and tempering procedures. Standard rounds, no problem. But high performance
ammo sounds risky.
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I would think that if the cartidges are made.and tested to C.I.P. or S.A.A.M.I specifications, then it would be safe to shoot.
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