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How many SKS rifles in US? Any one know ?

How many SKS rifles in US? Any one know ?
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I've seen at least 3-4 in my lifetime. : )
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I freely confess that I presumed bitter. It's the most probable motive for being skeptical of the golden rule. The other options are sadist or fool. Take your pick.

I must apologize to the original poster for diving into ethics on this post. (if they ever come back to the forum) I don't suppose anyone has exact figures, but maybe the gov't kept track of imported firearms and what type they were. I don't know if that is easily obtained information.

I'd be curious how many AKs vs SKSs vs Mosins have been imported.
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More than 5 million is the number I've read, but don't have a source for that.

Originally Posted by Coletrain View Post
I'd be curious how many AKs vs SKSs vs Mosins have been imported.
So would I.
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Idiotic ramblings aside, I'll wager the 3 percenters own the majority of them. I bought 3 paratroopers for 85 bucks each and sold them a month later for 130 bucks. I didn't own one again till just a few years ago and I really like that rifle. I'll wager the number you seek is in the millions.
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I know of 1......
it's a 1959 dated Romini with the non detatchable 10 rd magazine, no flash hider, and no bayonette lug (ground it off and added 5 round mag plug to hunt in state wildlife mgmt. areas 20+ yrs ago).
with stock military sights it will still put 10/10 rounds of cheap Russian ammo into a pie plate bottom at 100 yards.
at 50 yards, it won't hit chyt
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I know where a couple of them live.
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Exactly 42. Its the answer to everything.

The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything

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