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I have a Yugo M59/66 I bought 14 years ago. It's bone stock as I don't believe it needs anything. No telling how many thousands of trouble-free rounds I have put through it at this point.
I have far too many guns to have the time to get bored with any one of them. I have been to the range over 20 times this year alone and usually take something different each weekend unless it's something new.
I have taken the SKS several times this year, always enjoyed it and never once thought about selling it.
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My old post above from 2016. Yes I had a Yugo unissued SKS. Gave it away to a friend. Since then I purchased a Norinco. Last year sometime.
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I have modded my Russki (TULA, 1952) SKS in a gentle, reversible manner. All OEM parts removed cleaned and stored properly.

Since my older eyes no longer work well with OEM iron sights, I installed a Ram-line (slightly longer) synthetic stock, and made sure it fit tightly. I installed a Tapco upper fore-end with a picatinny rail for a red dot sight--which RDS to be determined. Also installed Tapco gas piston, which fit the Tapco fore-end perfectly. Did the "test", and the Tapco piston worked perfectly with the Tapco upper fore-end/gas tube. Neither were easy to find.

Rear Tech Sight installed. Front sight post replaced with a Tritium unit, augmented with light green luminescent paint to make it easier to "pick-up" under any lighting conditions.

Modern, quick-adjust, synthetic sling installed, with silencer for forward sling attachment point.

OEM 10-rd mag was replaced by Tapco 10-rd, and 20-rd mags, both slightly modified to accept the usual stripper clips. 5-rd Tapco "hunting" mag on order.

Bayonet removed, properly stored, and replaced by flash suppressor.

Trigger job professionally done--and a considerable improvement over stock. OEM parts replaced were returned, as requested.

Firing pin replaced with a firing pin with added internal spring. Bolt face had no "Volcano Cone".

That's most of it, I reckon. Testing to follow.

Am I missing anything? Constructive comments requested.
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