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My first SKS

This is a toy that I have wanted to add into my collection for a while. I had the opportunity to fire and friend's SKS about 10 years ago and have wanted to purchase one ever since. At the last local gunshow I went out and bought a Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS, intending to use it as a Saturday afternoon plinking gun. I must say that I am very happy with the purchase. The quality of the workmanship and very good, with all forged steel components and good quality bluing throughout. It's fitted with a blonde finished beachwood stock. If you can forgive the lack of a chrome lined chamber (and for what I use this SKS for, it's not necessary), the Yugo SKS line is one of the best available and on par with the Ruskie made guns. I have shot about 300 rounds through it (cheap Russian made Golden Tiger ammo) and it preforms flawlessly without a complaint. The only malfunction I had was a cartridge with a hard primer that had to be struck twice in order to fire it. It also boasts good accuracy (3 MOA @ 100 yds) using the iron sights. Yeah it's a great gun for knocking around tin cans with just for the hell of it and the gun is just plain fun to shoot. I only kick myself for not having spent $400 to buy a whole crate of them when the Yugo SKSs were available in large quantities back in 2004.
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I agree. Even though I have a Norinco, it is a pleasure to shoot. I was going to scope it and decided to just use the iron sights and absolutely have no regrets with it's performance. Best $150 I ever spent.

Good luck and enjoy.
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+1 more...

I got a Yugo 59/66 over a year ago, tore it down, cleaned out all the cosmo etc. and just let it sit. Finally took it out to a shoot recently and was hitting clays at a rangefinder-verified 100yds w/ the open sights. Color me stoked!

Edit: yours looks quite a bit better than mine - nice find!
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This is a must have link for you guys, on the right of the page you will find information on taking these great guns apart. The one other investment I urge you to make is the spring loaded firing pin. A slam fire happens when your firing pin gets stuck in the forward position, either from wear or muck. When this happens your gun shoots all the rounds in full auto. Sound fun? Not for the guy in California that was not ready for the gun to go ape on him and killed him. I love guns folks, but, I respect them for what they are designed to do and that is kill with no conscience. That is where we come in. Guns are fun, know your gun, respect your gun and take care of your gun.
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Post First two SKSs the Russian Tula vs. Chinese Paratrooper

Well, after shooting my first SKS only a month ago, I got hooked and have bought 2 on auction since then. I decided to test about 7 different cheap ammos for both guns, and I also figured that it would tell me something about the general accuracy of both guns using iron sights. Now understand, I take my hat off and bow to anyone who shoots iron sights for a living. Man, it's tough. But with practice, I learned how to create a sight picture and repeat the sight picture that proved effective. I learned several things through the ammo tests......... both rifles had one type of ammo it really liked. The Paratrooper had two that came pretty close to each other in performance. Then I noticed overall, The Chinese Paratrooper out performed the Russian Tula. Not by leaps and bounds, maybe, but enough to win an accuracy contest. I've also considered scopes, and most of the forums I've researched seem to come to the same conclusions. It's hard to do, one. Mounting on the back rod cover is next to impossible over the long haul. And a red dot, or micro dot scope mounted in front of the receiver is probably a better bet. I continue to shoot iron sights, and in fact, today, I hit a 10" x 10" iron plate at 200 yards with IRON SIGHTS in 2 of 7 attempts with my Paratrooper. I was tickled pink. I love this little gun. And FYI, the Russian like the WOLF Polyformance 123g, and the Para liked the Golden Bear 123g ammo. And for what it was worth, I tested at 52 yards and was shooting 1" to 1 " groups with the better ammunition varieties.
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unless i'm mistaken the Wolf and Golden Bear are both re-packaged Russian military ammo..........
I absolutely love my '59 Romini........a mid range hunting rifle i'm not afraid of bumping or getting wet
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