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Kevin 06-27-2015 09:05

Change in moderation policy
When I first took the helm of this community I thought the rules were a little too strict. The forum were opened up so members could be a little more free with their post.

Things have gone too far with the trolling, rudeness, hateful comments, and now racism.

Tone it down guys and gals.

There is no need in racial slurs. There is no need in hateful comments. There is no need in being overly rude.
  • Keep all rude and hateful comments confined to the general discussion and politics sections.
  • No trolling.
  • No racism or racist comments.

If you have any questions or comments please post them.

Gator Monroe 06-27-2015 10:19

We need another "Stealth Mod/Admin (With an actual banhammer)

Kevin 06-27-2015 10:46


Originally Posted by Gator Monroe (Post 901384)
We need another "Stealth Mod/Admin (With an actual banhammer)

I agree.

We probably need a couple of more moderators.

JRedHorse 06-27-2015 13:57

Can we vote for members, I think "Grumpy Old Man" is a good and fair Man !

freesw 06-27-2015 14:19

I vote for JRedHorse.

Quentin 06-27-2015 14:28

I think JRedHorse would be an excellent choice. I guess it depends on how much work it would be. We shouldn't have someone extreme left or right.

A leftist moderator could evacuate the site quickly, as there are plenty of other sites to go to. Too far right is a problem too. Maybe everyone needs a single veto vote, in a poll thread. Or the most active posters have a veto. Of course the most prominent posters in the Political forum would fall on the sword, myself included. Someone would take them out with a veto.

This is a gun forum and the moderators should be folks who mainly post in the gun forums.

Anyway, the ugliness has to go. Many threads need to be cleaned up or deleted.

freesw 06-27-2015 14:56

As JRedHorse volunteered grumpy for the job, I think it's only fair to nominate JRedHorse. ;)

Side note: Anyone who insists on maintaining an ignore list for real, and isn't just playing at it like most seem to be, isn't going to be able to do a very good job.

Cotonroksukr 06-27-2015 15:01

For whatever its worth, in my opinion a good moderator does not have to have any knowledge whatsoever of firearms, the only thing a good moderator needs is impartiality. Period. Without impartiality one cannot be an effective moderator.

Unfortunately this is almost an impossible attribute to find among the members here.

freesw 06-27-2015 15:33


Originally Posted by Scorpion of Mars (Post 901439)

FishslayerBob is too fixated on his ignore list.

No, Carpshooter is the better choice.

HB of CJ 06-27-2015 15:52

Censorship Is A 10 Letter Word? ...
Is this still America? Sometimes I wonder. Hopefully each and every one of us would use common sense in the Excellent Forum. And ... please tell me just what is a "hate" post? Respectfully. Please do not let this Forum get caught up in all the current popular touchie feelie fuzzy warm socialist liberal anti Constitutional stuff. Respectfully. HB of CJ (old coot)

usmc 06-27-2015 16:00

Kevin,I vote for the #1 qualified person ,ME !!!!!!
I vote for myself as Moderator .I'm nice ,caring ,considerate , compassionate ,not overbearing ,very articulate ,soft spoken .I get along with all these wonderful open minded fellas on PU's chit chat & political forums . Well , what do guys think ? Oh, I forgot ,most of you simple minded knuckle heads can't think .:lol:

freesw 06-27-2015 16:03

IDK but am pretty sure getting along with knuckleheads will be a prerequisite. :lol:


Originally Posted by HB of CJ (Post 901449)
... please tell me just what is a "hate" post?

Spend some time in the news and politics section if you want to know.

Strake 06-27-2015 16:38


Kevin can do whatever he wants. His board, his rules. He doesn't need anybody's final approval.

freesw 06-27-2015 16:57


Originally Posted by Scorpion of Mars (Post 901455)
Fishy came up with a non-confrontational way to help the people that choose, to get more out of this board.

No, that is not what he is doing.

Putting those whose posts annoy you on "ignore" is one thing; making a production about how everyone else should also put certain people on "ignore" is something else.

And it isn't about trolling, it's about conformity. If it were about trolling, the list would include many of the same names as those calling for putting people on "ignore."

How is someone who tries to enforce conformity of thought and opinion in this way going to exercise impartiality?

whofarted 06-27-2015 17:04

Once again another list I dont make

Always a bridesmaid... never a bride..

Maybe one day I will find my prince

freesw 06-27-2015 17:12

Real moderator material, this fishslayerbob.<_<

Some people don't know when to turn the silliness off.

freesw 06-27-2015 17:35

You inhaled too much of your fumes.

whofarted 06-27-2015 17:47

Carpshooter 06-27-2015 18:44

Here's what I think

Originally Posted by freesw (Post 901442)

No, Carpshooter is the better choice.

I appreciate being mention , but I do got a lot of irons in the fire and would sooner be more of a joker here , like I use to be ! :)

I will be busy going on fishing and hunting trips plus bicycling when not watching my grand kids in sports .

Also I'm busy chasing a wild woman in Omaha , so yes I'm in rut a lot and that may cause me to not focus to what everyone here thinks is fair ! :rolleyes:

I will tame myself down , starting now ( check the time , date and whatever ) and go back to the gun threads more when not doing many of the above mention things !

Wishing everyone well !

Quentin 06-27-2015 19:10


Originally Posted by whofarted (Post 901481)

You got my vote!

And you've been lobbying for this job longer than anyone!

The Farthammer slams down on another poor fool! :lol:

The truly vile get the gas chamber or who sword. :samurai:

Gator Monroe 06-27-2015 19:14

Democrat Underground style Moderation is needed around here

whofarted 06-27-2015 19:15


Originally Posted by A/J/S/USNRet (Post 901498)
How do you Moderate the political section?
Put me down as 1 Vote for No Mods. Not that voting matters in a Dictatorship, but every so often the Monarchy appeases the peons to discourage Revolt.

I dont think the Poli board should be moderated unless somebody has a complete and total meltdown. We rarely see those here. For example. I dont remember who the poster was but a few years ago somebody tried to do a board wipe on the mini14 forum. Posting multiple bogus threads "tantrum style". That should be the only thing moderated in the Poli section.

Gator Monroe 06-27-2015 19:24

Gangnam style meltdown ?

whofarted 06-27-2015 19:32

Heres another situation I hope Kevin takes into consideration. For sake of argument I will direct this at myself

There are people here that do not like me.
There are people here I do not like

Who ever becomes mod MUST remember just because you dont agree with somebody's point of view you cannot ban them out of spite.

For example... **folks.. roll with me for a second**

Durango, Free, Carp and I have been known to go around in circles. If this is done in the appropriate section I really dont think anything should be done. If it spills over into a non-sht talkin section then action should be taken.

I also think that the actions taken should fit what was done. Please future mod dont "bring down the ban hammer" as you have all been saying lately. Attempt to pacify the situation first with...hmmm.. some sort of moderation<--see what I did there folks.... If that doesnt work perhaps a time out is in order.

This place sucked right around the regime change. Old mods were up in arms. New comers were getting banned for stupid stuff. Then the mods all disappeared... and this place went to sht again for under moderation.

We have been through alot over the years. Owner ship change. Multiple invasions. Troll wars.... This is still a great forum though

<--steps off his soap box

A/J/S/USNRet 06-27-2015 19:49

Well whofarted, how do you expect to deal with the Old and Experienced vs the New and Unbridled situations that arise within the firearms sections?
Let say an Old Drop your A.L.I.C.E and become mobile person, gets into a Heated Discussion with one of the Young Carry 76 lbs worth of everything because it's to important to Drop Folks. Neither is wrong but the two viewpoints don't coexist?
Who gets the time out or worse, and who makes the call?

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