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Originally Posted by whoa View Post
oh, things like how FAST you can reliably get hits on the chest, in the dark, with or without a light, or same for cover using heads. things like you IMAGINE that you will get to go get a longarm, etc, etc, etc.
where the HELL do you live!??!!!!!

good gawd
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If you do what you are supposed to do and look down along the top of your receiver and barrel and center it on your opponent, you'll hit him somewhere every time (within 50 yards). Whether or not that is considered "aiming" or "pointing" is semantics as far as I'm concerned.
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Ref: 'whoa;748929'

Originally Posted by pigbat View Post
hmmm...i thought the volume and "expertise" of his postings sounded familiar:

And, from our old buddy "tap", aka gunkid (5/10/2011):

knew a guy who did 114 daylight home invasions
during a 30 day period. His skin was green from using "speedball"s (heroin and speed mixture) and not eating at all during that period. He would just kick in the door, or cover up with his jacket and dive thru a window, grab a tv or something of value, and run sell it to the dope man. Not once did he hear a shot or see a gun, even tho people usually were in the house. So much for having the time needed to go get a "home defense" firearm! :-). If you are not wearing it, you probably won't have the chance to use it., except by pure luck.
Brilliant Catch! (My compliments!)

PS: Would anyone like to bring this incredibly wandering thread back online? The original topic is one of my favorite subjects; and I taught it, with some success, for years.
Life is karma. It reflects both past and present circumstance. Our time here is short; so choose carefully and behave well; for, all of your tomorrows are presently being decided.
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