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Remington 870

Hi, need some information about my 12 gauge Remington 870 with 18.5 barrel and synthetic stock. I have the manual that I purchased when I bought the shotgun about 10 years ago, but it does not address whether I am able to use 3 length ammo. It does say on the shotgun 2 3/4 but I have some 3 ammo and want to know if it is ok to use.
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2 3/4 only I believe,mine is the same way.Plus as light as yours is the bigger magnum stuff will hurt some..
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Do not use 3" shells if it does not say 3" on the barrel, or you will have a
catastrophic failure. 2 3/4 only. If the gun has screw in chokes do not shoot
slugs thru the chokes. Improved cylinder or rifled barrels are the only barrels
you should shoot slugs thru.
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It will say 3" if it's chambered for it. If not stick with 2-3/4. I've got an older 870 18" for home defense. I don't feel under powered using 2-3/4. In fact I favor the Federal Premium reduced loads made for law enforcement #LE13200. You still get 9 00 buck pellets, but at close range 1145 FPS at the muzzle is plenty. Easy on the shoulder and quicker follow-up.

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I LOVE the 870 series.......when it came out it was called Remingtons "Idiot Proof Shotgun".
will a magnet still stick to the receiver? if so, I may have to buy another one.
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Thanks for the help. Can I use the Federal for training at the range, indoor only?
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range rules apply.....................
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