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Flashlight "sight"

I am looking for input on 1" barrel LED flashlights. I plan to buy the right one and mount it on my home defense 870. The idea is to find a light that meets the following criteria:
  • The right diameter to fit my clamp (1")
  • Tough enough to stand up to 12 gauge recoil (most are these days)
  • Projects a fairly tight spot (like maybe 6" at 10 yards)
  • Simple click on, click off design
  • Uses common AA batteries for long life

The idea is to provide not only target illumination, but also quick and dirty sighting. The spot will be roughly the point of impact. Any thoughts?
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I'm a big fan of Fenix lights; extremely rugged, priced very reasonably. I carry a PD50 tactical for search & rescue work & as an EDC light; somewhere around 4" long, 1" diameter, push button tailcap with a variety of programmable funtions, light output on max a little more than 1000 lumens. Uses one 18650 battery or two CR123's.
Close to bomb proof. Mine has been run over by cars/trucks a couple of times, immersed regularly, dropped down more than 100 feet of rock face. It looks like it's been run over & dropped off a cliff, but it works like a charm. No idea on US pricing, but in Canada I think I paid about $80. so you should be able to get one for $50-$60 bucks I'd think
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BTW, just saw your AA comment; that limits you to a much smaller selection of LED lights. CR123's are almost as common these days, and to get the right diameter of light with an AA powered light will be a challenge; single AA will be too skinny, and tandem AA (side by side) will be too big
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