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An open rear sight for my 870

Suppose I have an 870 with a 20 inch vent rib barrel. And suppose I want an open rear sight to make the sight picture more rifle-like. After scouring the market I have decided that the grooved channel in this rail provides exactly what I am after.

Here's my question. If the top of the receiver is at one height, let's call it elevation 0.0", and the top of the vent rib is another height called elevation 0.25". If the focus of the arc created by the groove in the above rail is also 0.25" above the top of the receiver, will my sights be "shotgun" zero?

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I set up a Rem 870 Express Youth 20 ga. with a mount like that D & T'd to the receiver. It actually works out pretty well as a crude rear sight. Good enough for Foster slugs at close range (< 50 yds.). I scoped the gun with a 1.5-4.5 variable for my wife but now it does double duty as a home defense gun, sans the scope.
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If not......taller front beads can be installed
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You can also have a rear sight milled in your vent rib. Lots of three gun shooters do this.
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While the "guttersnipe" type of sight you're proposing works reasonably well for pistols, it's actually too close to your eye when mounted on the receiver to work well.
OTOH, an aperture sight is made for mounting on the receiver, hence its other common name, the "receiver sight". It's also faster and more accurate.
Fortunately, Skinner Sights makes exactly what you need: the Lo-Pro. Just replace the rearmost plug screw with the Lo-Pro and adjust for elevation.
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