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sandog 06-20-2020 16:00

Old Style Mini Wood Stocks
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I have two older style Mini wood stocks for sale, the ones with the shorter LOP and curved buttplate.
Some like me prefer the old style stocks, even though I am 6 foot, the shorter stock is easier to use with a jacket on, doesn't grab you shoulder like the new stocks with rubber pad do, and the shorter LOP is easier to shoot in unorthodox positions or uphill/downhill.

Stock #1 is a lighter tan Birch, has a blued swivel and buttplate, and has a few nicks near the butt, and a couple shallow scratches near where the bolt will be.

Stock #2 is darker, stainless swivel, a couple scratches near the grip, and a glossier finish than stock #1.

Both stocks do not have the mag well reinforcement bracket or the screws and washers to hold it on. They can be bought, or use the ones from your wood stock.
I think I have extra swivels if someone had a preference of blued vs SS.

I am asking $50 each, that price includes shipping to lower 48 states.

Edit, both stocks have been sold 6/21.

sandog 06-21-2020 14:07

Both stocks have been sold today, 6/21, to a member here.
Mods please delete the ad (yeah right, like the mod will get around to that. There's still an ad from Hoagie for Mini-30 magazines, and I bought those from him nearly a year ago !)

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