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Exclamation Pistol Brass

I have alot of pistol brass I would like to sell. I would consider trades as well for rifle brass. Please take a look at the list below and make an offer.This is all brass from an indoor range. I have cleaned alot of it.

25 acp 200 each
32 acp 200 each
32 long 150 each
380 1200 each
5.7 x 28 250 each
9 x 19 2100 each
9mm Brass 22,000 each
9mm Nickel 2,000 each
40 Cal Brass 26,000 each
40 Cal Nickel 3,000 each
44 Mag Brass 500 each
45 acp Brass 9,000 each
45 acp Nickel 2,000 each
38 spc Brass 14,000 each
38 spc Nickel 3,500 each
357 Sig Brass 14,000 each
357 Sig Nickel 2,200 each
357 Mag Brass 2,000 each
357 Mag Nickel 1,000 each

I have many other odds and ends in pistol brass and nickel, as well as many other reload supplies. I will be posting several ads.
Located in Durham NC, Email me a [email protected] Thanks Karl
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Are you selling your pistol brass in lots of 100, 500, or 1000?
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Exclamation Bulk lots

I will sell it in any amount
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you have '9x19' and also '9mm' listed?
wouldn't be '9x18' (Makarov) would it?
I'm interested in some 9mm Luger nickle, 300 pieces
.380acp 200 pieces. and some other items.
I'm up west of you, SW of Asheville, thanks Tom
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Karl, How much for 1000 .45acp?
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how much per K for 38 and 45?
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380, 45acp, brass, pistol, reload

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