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Ammuition for sale

Doug Bowser
[email protected]
I am in Mississippi
All applicable Federal Laws will be observed
All prices are firm

All ammunition is in excellent condition. I am in McComb, call if interested

6 Bandoliers Lake City 67 .30-06 M2 Ball with ammo clips and cardboards $50.00 each
8- 55 round bags of Lake City 72 .30 M1 Carbine ammo $22.00 each
10 boxes of 50 rounds .45ACP USGI Match ammo $35.00 each
27 boxes Lake City 1972 .30 m1 Carbine ammo $600.00 or $25.00 each
3 bandoliers of 120 rounds Lake City 1972 .30 M1 Carbine ammo with clips and cardboards
$ 30.00 each
3 bandoliers of 120 rounds Lake City 1972 .30 M1 Carbine ammo with clips and cardboards $30.00 each
16 boxes USGI .30-06 M72 Match ammo Lake City 1968 Lot # 12250, The best lot I have ever used, 173 gr Boat Tailed bullet, 20 rounds per box $20.00 each
280 rounds .30-06 M2 Ball in clips and cardboards, $250.00
190 rounds USGI Lake City 7.62x51mm (.308 Win), M80 Ball, $133.00
160 rounds .30-06 M2 Ball in clips and cardboards, $130.00
140 rounds 7.62x39mm Custom Reloads 129 gr FMJ in new R-P cases and SKS strippers, $84.00
.30-06 M2 Ball ammo loose, 127 rounds USGI Lake City 1969 loose $90.00
1800 rounds .22 Long Rifle Eley Practice ammo $6.00 per box of 50
1400 rounds of .22 Long Rifle Eley Tenex for semi-auto rifles, $15.00 per box
170 rounds of USGI WCC 78 .45ACP ammo loose $119.00
520 rounds of USGI WCC 69 7.62 NATO M80 Ball loose in .50 can $364.00
7.62x25mm Ammo. I have 1190 rounds in 70 round boxes. The ammo appears to be Polish manufactured. I fired 70 rounds out of a CZ52 pistol and it all fired and functioned very well. The ammo is corrosive as is all Eastern Block Military Ammo. 70 rounds for $12.00.
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