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Originally Posted by COBrien View Post
The issue I have with the ASI strut is that it's mounted to their adjustable gas block.

Unless you shoot lots of underpowered handloads or Russian-made ammo along with throwing in some American-made commercial ammo, there's really no need for an adjustable gas block. You just don't need to be able to adjust the gas system in real-time, IMO.

I say pick up a set of 3 gas port bushings (say, .040", .045", and .050") from either GunDoc or walkenbear. Install the smallest gas port bushing and try your (rather, your rifle's...) favorite ammo. If it cycles reliably, leave it alone. If not, try the next larger bushing. Repeat as necessary until you get reliable extraction, ejection, and feeding.

Couple that with an Accu-Strut or Mo-Rod of your choosing, and you'll be much happier in the long run.

FWIW, my 580 Mini-14 runs great with a .045" GPB and Wilson Combat Shok-Buffs (front and rear). I shoot mostly XM193 and Hornady 55-grain V-Max, and have had no gas-related reliability problems for over 1,500 rounds.

I realize this thread is about their barrel strut, but when it's a part of the AGB, you have to determine if you really need their gas block in order to try and justify the added cost.
I think you can actually get an ASI strut without an adjustable block but it's still overpriced when compared to other brands. Like you suggested I have been communicating with GunDoc and having him cut and thread my barrel and install a .45 bushing. I'm also going to install a recoil buffer and attach a 4" SOCOM Accu-Strut. When completed I will post details and pics.
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Originally Posted by Davcruz View Post
I thought the ASI strut was available as either adjustable or fixed?? Curious why you think that having the ability to adjust real-time is problematic? Just last weekend I was trying different ammo at the range, I like to collect my brass for reloading, some threw 25' and others 15', with the adjustable block I could tune it right then and there to land almost at my feet and not on the guy 4 tables down.
ASI's adjustable gas blocks have proven difficult in the past. It seems they would rarely hold the "setting" a shooter had dialed in without LocTite. And once you've LocTite'd it in place, if you adjust it again, you'll have to use more LocTite and wait for it to set before shooting any more.

Maybe they've fixed that problem. I don't know, as I haven't heard anything either way in the last couple of years (and 2 or more "generations" of their gas block design).

How often will you be trying different ammo? I did when I first bought my Mini, but now I've found what works best and have set my gas system up for optimal function and reliability with those rounds. Please note I don't reload or handload -- I buy a box of what my rifle likes and shoot it when I can afford to.

Most folks who own the ASI adjustable gas block don't adjust it after the first few range trips. They find a setting that they feel is best and leave it alone once the new has worn off.

And that's essentially what many have been doing with smaller GPBs for decades, only there's no risk of the GPB working itself loose and causing more annoyance than real benefit. Plus the cost of GPBs is somewhere around $20 for a set of 3, vs. whatever ASI is charging for gas blocks nowadays...

If the ASI block works for you, that's great. I'm simply sharing my opinions and viewpoints, gleaned from half a decade of shooting Mini-14s and hearing of others' experiences here at PU. And I'm not knocking ASI's adjustable gas blocks -- they seem to be substantial parts that are well-designed for their purpose. But I personally think swapping the GPB is a better, more cost-effective solution to the same problem.
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I don't have any experience with the adjustable gas blocks but I have also heard that most people just leave them set once they find a spot that works for their ammo. Some may adjust it regularly but I know that I wouldn't so just a bushing works for me...much cheaper too!
You may find me dead in a ditch somewhere, but you will find me in a pile of brass.
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You are probably right, I do not shoot bunches of different ammo frequently but with the way ammo prices and availability are at the moment you never know, I shoot what I can get/afford right now. Most likely though most of the factory target brass is going to land about the same distance and who cares where the steel crap lands, if I am on my land I don't even pick it up, but at the range it is nice to not shower someone else with steel/brass.

The ASI stuff looks nice and well made to me so if/when I decide to do a strut I think it will be the ASI and I will decide then if it will be adjustable or fixed.
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