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Accidental find of "The" load for 582 Mini Coyote gun

Preface: I've been shooting since I first packed a BB gun as a pre-teen. Rifle team captain in high school, varmint & deer hunter for 50+ years and never have had such a challenge to get a 200 yard coyote load for a handy, fun, compact carbine as in the Mini-14. I enjoy a challenge. ARs just don't look or feel like a rifle to me. I had a Mini-14 Ranch years ago that shot a 50gr SP into 1.5"@ 100 yds but it threw the brass forcefully into the next county and no one had developed anything to fix that problem so I sold it years ago. I had to worry not only where I was shooting but who or what was going to get hit by hot brass (like truck windows or hunting buddies). All I wanted was a reliable semi-auto 200 yd coyote rifle.

Fast forward...... surfed this site extensively.... learned TONS of info so I bought a series 582 ranch "all weather" (it rains alot in western Orygun) heavier barrel Ranch.

Mods done so far: Stiff bedding shims epoxied into synthetic stock, retorqued gas block screws (hand tightened), .045" dia gas port, recrowned muzzle w/lapping compound/brass round head screw/electric drill, home trigger job (trigger is better than my Timmney on my deer rifle), 1911 buffer on receiver end only, evened the face of the op rod where it strikes the gas block (filed it flat), and scoped it with a 2X7 Redfield Accu-Range scope (love it!). Considering cryo treatment but only if necessary to maintain accuracy.

I had previously settled on 26gr of H335 pushing a 60gr Hornady SP bullet for my coyote load which has worked well on the last two 'yotes it dropped. However, each time I go out to the gun club to sight in anything I always take the Mini-14 out and shoot at a miniature coyote target and check it out to be sure it will be good out to 200 yds for my varmint calling load. A couple of times the load has thrown a 3 or 4 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yds even though when I worked up the load it was shooting 1 1/2" groups pretty consistantly. I wanted a heavy load that would punch all the way through a coyote and not blow up on the surface (thus no 40gr bullets). Anyway, I was not completely satisfied with the 60gr Hornady load even though the two dogs it put down stayed down but the results on paper showed inconsistant grouping. On a whim, I had some miscellaneous bullets (52 & 53gr flat based match bullets Hornady & Sierra) laying around and decided to load them up as "plinkers" with 26gr H335 in a variety of cases. Well, I went out to the range to sight in my deer rifles and threw some Mini-14 bullets down range. The 60gr Hornadys shot about a 4" group @ 100yds from the bench and I'm thinking, geeze, all I want is a 200 yard coyote load and this ain't happening.

So I decided to rattle off 5 rounds of "plinkers" into paper and lo & behold there was a 1 1/2" group of 5. So I go home and load up a bunch of Hornady match bullets (stock# 2250, production is currently suspended) with 26grs H335. Out to the range I go today and shoot one round on a cold barrel that hits dead on at 100yds. The next 5 rounds go into 1.5" just above the first round (not pictured). So we shoot some other rifles and I let the Mini cool way down for about 20 minutes and I set out my coyote target and draw a bead with the scope set on 2X and touch off 5 rounds. The holes are numbered in sequence (see photo 'cause on this website nothing is true unless it's photographed). I wanted to be 1.5-2" high at 100 yds to be right on out to 200 yds. I think I finally have this fun little gun dialed in since the last 3 groups of 5 have been consistantly at 1.5"@100yds. I'm a happy camper now.

Note the ruler for size reference. Point of aim was center of mass (note X with arrow indicating POA over liver).

Any comments on using match bullets on coyotes?
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I am not the expert that one would be looking for on bullets. I can only say that I would want to ensure that the match bullet I was using performed in the desired manner. Exactly what your looking for here. I read lots around the Internet about people using match bullets to hunt with some saying they work great and others saying they don't. Accuracy sure is a plus with match bullets. I have read that most match bullets are good at distance but not as much close range. But that is just speculation. I am afraid that all I did here was add as many questions with no answers. Sorry. You may want to test them yourself to see how they perform.

The other night at the range around 8 as it got dark we could here the Coyotes yapping like crazy. We are over run with them. My brother puts out his Coyote call, gets in his blind, shoots the coyote, picks up his coyote and call and heads back to the house. Yes that fast.
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Hellgate, I have done some of the same mods to my Mini as you. I have not done any stock bedding yet, but have installed an Accu Strut , which cut my groups almost in half, virtually eliminated vertical stringing, and absorbs some heat from the barrel. Besides loads with Match bullets, which for reasons already discussed shouldn't be used for animals, I have got 100 yards groups of 1" (from the bench, with a scope) with two other bullets. The Sierra 55 gr. Blitzking, and the Hornady 60 gr. V-Max. I hope to buy as many wolf tags as I can afford this fall( up to 5 in Montana this year). Shoot a wolf, save a deer or elk!
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The deadliest bullet is the most accurate for the gun. I use Nolslet 55 gr ballistic tip, shoots very well and the boat tail design holds good accuracy to 200 yds.
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