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uneven slide to gas block contact

I just got finished reading an article here http://www.bajaarizona.org/mini14/mini14.htm and noticed on my 581 that my slide does contact my gas block unevenly. One suggestion was to remove material from the slide so that the right locking lug stops the foward travel of the slide instead of the gas block. There is also a warning that newer models won't allow this. I'm not sure about that but I am no gunsmith. I haven't seen reference to this anywhere else. It seems most people just put a buffer on the gas block to soften the shock. Anyone tried just blackening and straightening the contact area of the slide? Seems removing and reinstalling the gas block might change the contact surface so as to make this adjustment moot.
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I truly believe the gas block is a source for 1/2 the accuracy problems of the minis, the other being mags. You need to have even pressure on the op rod face and against the barrel by torquing the screws.
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That sounds like a factory fix. kwg
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Originally Posted by kwg020 View Post
That sounds like a factory fix. kwg
I really would have no problem doing this myself. A .001 or two from a very small surface area would not take much or risk much as long I am carefull. Just don't want to if someone else has done this with no positive result. A urethane or nylon buffer may work by itself as it should deform to the point where the pressure would equalize. Some photos I have seen on this site show people with buffers that cover the entire gas block area which I don't understand as the contact area is limited to the upper most portion of the block I ASSume to reduce compounding the leverage on the barrel.
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