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Originally Posted by rugerfreak View Post
What about Barnaul ammo?

I have 1000 rounds purchased cheap cheap back in '03 and spankin new Mini-30 purchased tonight.
go pound em out right straight after site in let us know how she holds.
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New Update . .

Friday afternoon at the range . . .

100 rnds of Yugo surp . . . ran flawlessly . .

40 rnds of Tula . . . ran flawlessly

40 rnds of WPA . . . sucked big time, almost every one failed to feed properly . .

I guess I am really starting to appreciate that my Mini 30 Tactical is extremely ammo sensitive . . I think it is more a pressure issue than steel case VS brass case.
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thats all 180 ? what the hell you get out of bed for ?
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for surplus yugo is very nice and is brass cased but it is corrosive. you will need a chemical (not hoppes) to neutralize the salts or you run the risk of rust on your bolt, barrel, etc. i have seen rust form from using yugo in as little as 24 hours.

tula is crap. even my ak's are not happy with it. it has very hard primers and is the most dirty ammo i've shot yet.

silver bear is your best bet in steel case. i also love golden tiger. brown bear is passable but stinks to high holy hell and seems to get that red crap at the bottom of the case all over the bolt face.

i've been using / experimenting with Ulyanovsk ammo. it seems to be surprisingly good considering the price. you may want to pick up a few rounds of it and give it a whirl.
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Did Ruger fix it ?

So, did you send it and did Ruger fix it ? Please let us kow. The article on AK 47 clones in one of the mags last year by an ex Russian military author didn't mention the Mini 30 as it isn't a clone but they did mention several AK versions with ratings, none very good. None seemed to have ammo snobbery problems though.
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