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Over here they are $1300 US how you like those apples

Originally Posted by MattDrudge View Post
The price listed on Ruger homepage is only MSRP...real world price for a Mini-30 stainless steel (if you can actually find one) is around $700 where I live.
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Check out this awesome ammo website. I have found brass cased 7.6sx39 from Fiocchi, Sellier and Bellot and Prvi Partisan for about 53 cents per round.

7.62x39mm rifle ammo ammunition -

Also check Discount Gun Mart...S&B FMJ for 51 cents per round.

Discount Gun Mart 7.62 x 39

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Originally Posted by kiwihunter View Post
Over here they are $1300 US how you like those apples
Ha, takes lots of gas to get it there. think of it this way--$700 for the gun and $600 for the gas.
I don't feel too sorry for you with all the game you have there to shoot. If i could save up enough shekels to go there that's where I'd go hunting. New Zealand is awesome for hunting.
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7.62x39, ruger, ruger mini-30, stainless mini-30, stainless ruger mini-30

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