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Mini 30 M14 sight/flash supressor solution

So, I found a solution after I had already taken my mini 30 to the smith for a permanant attachment of a M14 front sight post.

Here it is. Using a YHM M14 Sight Base and YHM Phantom Flash hider on a 189 series Mini 30 you could have the barrel threaded 5/8x24 to accept any aftermarket flash suppressor/ comp/ silencer.

1.Take out pin on Mini 30, knock off front sight, rough or not depending on your desire to keep the original sight.

2.Then attach YHM M14 sight base over area that pin channel is to hide it and tighten it base down. The barrel diameters are close enough to work. Didn't mic it out but afer removing splines from M14 flash hider on previous project with dremel it slipped over the larger part of the barrel end.

3.Attach your M14 front sight post to YHM Sight base. These are not provided with the YHM M14 sight base, however this offers an option to run a tritum bar like the socom models (from XS) or a National Match.

4.Thread on Flash suppressor, assuming your barrel has already been threaded by a gun smith.

Total cost, probably around $150 or less depending on YHM dealer and gunsmith charge for barrel threading. It may not be identical to your M14 with a complete assembly however you have more options now for future use. I was quoted $200 to permanatly attach an M14 front sight assembly on my Mini 30 and then I wouldn't be able to attach a supressor for tooling around with subsonic loads.

I actually had the front sight assembly cut and threaded on mine (5/8x24) and permanatly attached, so that i could put any aftermarket flash hider or silencer on. BTW Gemtech makes a M14 front sight assembly which is exactly what i had done but with the barrel splines still inside.
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So here is the work I had done. I am glad I did this because when i got to the range i ended up needing the ability to move my front sight post to the left since my tech sight was completely out to the right. I am thinking that my gas block may not be torqued correctly.
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