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Scope eye relief

OK, first off I have a Mini 14 Tactical with flash suppressor 581 series.
I love this carbine. About 500 or so rounds of M885 and NONE of the ills of the earlier versions
I have a Leapers 4X compact scope mounted on a Jack Weigand rail mount.
Here is a link to the scope: SCP-548 - Leapers UTG 5th Generation 3-9x40 Mil Dot Scope Adjustable Obective Lens Covers 1" Tube
My problem is with the eye relief. I cannot get the scope to mount far enough back to give me the full sight picture without straining my neck forward.
Also, I shoot sitting down in a wheelchair.
I am thinking of changing to the Nikon Prostaff both for the extra magnification and hopefully some extra room to slide the scope back to be able to shoot comfortably .
I want to know if the eye relief in a scope is standard or if a longer scope means more distance for the rings.
The Leapers is a great little scope and if it was about 2 inches longer from the turret we'd have a marriage made in heaven.
Thanks guys.
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I have made the same mistake before. I would advise checking the eye relief before purchase. The Burris 4X mounted on my M30 has an extended eye relief and it seems just right.

Good Luck.

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Get this;

Quality Rifle Scopes - ACCESORIES - Mounts, Rings, Bases - Batteries - IJK Scope Mount 30MM and 1 Inch Together

Or this:

Z Type one-piece Scope Ring Mount 1" for Dovetail Rails - eBay (item 280392074088 end time Apr-24-11 08:48:00 PDT)

Or this: TMS AR15 Flat Top One Piece Ring Mount Picatinny: Sports & Outdoors

Or this:

Burris AR-P.E.P.R. 1-Piece Extended Scope Mount Picatinny-Style with Integral 1" Rings Flattop AR-15 Matte - MidwayUSA

Any of these (and there are many more) will enable you to mount the scope a lot further back and a lot less expense than a new Nikon.

Just make sure the one you get will fit your rail.
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Nikons are good scopes and have the eye relief I prefer also. I did alot of reviewing web pages before buying 2.
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Maybe a BulzEyePro Optical Booster will help with the scope you have.
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Another option might be to install an Ultimak or similar rail in place of the handguard, and a Scout Scope from Leupold (2.5X) or Burris (2.75X) forward-mounted on it. That would give you a lot more leeway as to eye relief.

I did that on my 188-series and like it.
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Little brother comes thru!

I was talking to my brother last night and I described the trouble I was having with my scope being too short and was thinking about buying a Prostaff 3X9.
Lo and Behold! His 7mag has new Leupold optics and the "old" Nikon was in its box on a shelf.
So now his .30-.30 has a fancy new 4X scope and I have just finished mounting a Nikon Pro-staff on the mini.
Holy cr_P! The scope is unbelievable. Adjusted the focus to my not so good eyes and I think now I can shoot hairs off a fly's butt.
Thanks to everyone for the great advice.
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