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I have read the .223 round will do 300yds to target shot out of a AR.Will the 7,62x39mm also do the 300yds shot out of a Mini-30?
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your on crack!
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.223 and 7.62 x 39 are two very different rounds. I have no experience with a Mini-14 but shots with .223 (or 5.56) M4/AR-15 are very do-able with a low power scope out to 600m. Some may doubt that one but Iíve shot with my ACOG at work out to 600m on the KD range with good results. Granted it was a range not combat where typical shots are 200m or less. I do own an ASI Mini-30, which will shoot reliably 1 inch groups at 100m all day long Ė I donít feel itís much good at a ďpoint targetĒ past 250m. 7.62 x 39 is a big, heavy, slow bullet compared to .223. Its ballistics are similar to the 30-30 if you look at the charts. As such, Iíve always considered it a 200m or less round. Not to say that you canít do it Ė just not very accurately. Why did I get the Mini-30? 1) Most of my shooting is 200m or less. I think most people are in that boat. 2) Iíve personally seen what both a .223 and 7.62x39 will do to a human. I choose the Mini-30!
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Skinny, my understanding is that the 7.62x39 "if sighted to be dead on at 200yds" will be 3 1/2" high at 100yds and 15" low at 300yds, as for target shooting " hey its a mini " but good enough for real world killing, same as a 30/30.
The .223 will be half that, about 1.6" high @ 100yds & 7" low at 300yds.

In the real world I have seldom shot animals over 200yds, most at 80-150yds, the 7.62x39 punches into goats , pigs & wild dogs just fine, even deer, FMJ can do the job but for good killing choose your ammo.

If your looking for target, go for the .223 it will give you a head start for accuracy.
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KIWIGUNNER is correct about the ballistics of the 7.62x39 round. Another important factor to consider with ballistics is the energy down range. A 125gr bullet fired from a 7.62x39 round will only produce about 700 to 750fpe at 300 yards. Even if you hit what you aim at, at that range you could be in for a long afternoon tracking. If you like long range shooting the mini-30 (7.62x39) is a poor choice. On the other hand if 200 yards or less is what you want it will work great.
By the way my Mini-30 took 2 Whitetails this season. Great little gun.
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Hey Skinny, heres my 2 cents- I've taken a doe at 265 yrds. I was with hold over and i got lucky with head shot through the nasal cavity. I used winchester 125 grn soft point there was no exit so ther wasn't much punch left at that range. I personaly would not shoot past 100 yrd again at deer with this round, it perfect for that but not much further. P.S. I also would not use a .223 for deer sized game either. Good luck, CK.
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300-350 yards is about the max effective distance of 7.62x39, per the military stuff. It drops fast and drifts far, best inside 200 yards.
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