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was shooting my mini-30 at range, with Cheetah ammo, the usual stuff.

After a while the gun wouldn't fire anymore. So I chamber anothe round, click, the same thing. Took the round out and there wasn't any mark on the primer. Looked at the firing pin hole, found the firing pin tip was broken off, went sideways and got stuck in the firing pin hole.....

Guess it is time to call Ruger and arrange a pin replacement. So I will have to sent the bolt in with the barrel/action? what a pain in the A$$ for just a pin replacement. The gun has about 5000rd throught it, I do dry fire once a while, but not much.

Guess the mini's are not to be rough handled, good thing I already have my DR as primary rifle. I will NOT rely on a mini from now on, unless there is nothing else to use.
-- mini's are great rifles, the firing pin is the only weak link.
-- So, to be safe, never buy a used mini (you can never really tell how many rounds had been fired by the firing pin)
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I have heard that the firing pin is the weak point of the 30. fails to hit the primer hard enough to set off the round about 2 out of every 100 rounds.
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Originally posted by wheelytech@Nov 25 2005, 08:00 PM
I have heard that the firing pin is the weak point of the 30. fails to hit the primer hard enough to set off the round about 2 out of every 100 rounds.
I hadn't heard that. Most that have posted a broken firing pin are Mini-14's

guncats I believe you will have to send in the barrel/receiver with the bolt, but I would call Ruger to be sure. They will fix it for free. You can ask for an extra fitted pin or spare bolt assembly, you pay the extra.

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The exact same thing happened to me. I went to Numrich and bought 2 new pins.
After fitting the first pin,the tip broke off just like the original! The bad thing was that after all that fitting and reassembly/disassembly,the tip broke off before I ever fired the Mini!
After close inspection,I see that I might have peened the FP hole with the cleaning rod hitting the bolt face. I used to cover the bolt when I was cleaning the barrel,but I guess a few times I got lazy and forgot to. So I reamed back the FP hole so it wasnt making contact with the tip.
The second FP was fitted a lot easier than the first,considering it was the first time Ive ever done such a thing.
So,.... make sure you always cover the bolt face with a rag to protect the FP hole
when you clean the barrel. HTH.

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