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Hello, everyone. Im New to the forum as you can see. I recently just baught a mini14 because I hear so much about it. I took it out to shoot at the range but i was dissapointed at how the accuracy on the gun was. The shots were all over the place and sometimes it'll hit the target. I was using Winchester 55grn. with a Leupold scope. I know it cant be me because I've done everything from having it fix'd on a stand to putting sand bags over the gun to stop it from recoiling to see where the rnds hit...still very unconsistant... do you think its how the barrel was made?..maybe a "friday" barrel or something? or is is just the nature of the gun?..if so how do I correct the unconsistant shot placements? Sorry so much questions, but if I cant make this gun shoot right then I might have to turn it in for another one... Thanks guys.

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There is lots of things you can do to help accuracy. Check the tips and tricks section of this board, or talk to these guys. or aboard,Z
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How far away was the target that you were trying to hit?
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Get a baseline group, to start. Then, you can see what ammo it likes, how mods affect it, etc.
Mini's can be made to be accurate, however, if your's won't shoot a baseline group of a certain size, (I believe 2"@50 yds-I may be wrong here.Someone else may have the answer.Caj.?), you may want to consider sending it back to ruger, as there is an accuracy baseline they guarantee to meet before they ship.

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Yea, I think they must group 2 inches or less at 50 yards or Ruger will fix it up for you free.
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Since you didnt give any information on your setup, how far you shot, etc, it is very hard to give a recomendation. My mini will shoot 2inch groups at 50 yds with wolf ammo, it is completely oem, shot through iron sights.
First thing I would check- do you have quality mounts/ is the scope holding zero, or is it even sighted in? That could make it impossible to even get you on paper. Take the scope off if possible and shoot at 50 yds with iron sights. Then, put scope back on with quality mounts if not already on there, get it bore sighted, shoot again. Sometimes it is that simple. If not, maybe send it back? Would hate to spend the money to send it back, just to have them use a ammo the mini likes, just to waste your time with them.
I have yet to hear of a mini that cant group 8inches from the factory with ammo it likes at 100 yds. Not good at all by any means, but throw a 30 dollar brake on it and you have a fun usable gun. A few tricks and most are cutting atleast 2moa at 100.
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Welcome to group, the mini is not accurate out of the box, most need some fixin' before they get good groups. Ammo can make a difference as well, I handloaded some Winchester 55 gr w/cannelure ring and they shot terrible compaired to my other handloads. My mini does well with 60 gr v-max and 40 gr v-max, 55 gr Sierra sp. Adding a $20 muzzle break will help and bedding or shimming the recoil lugs and trigger guard. Don't be affraid to ask more questions we'll get ya shoot decent before long.

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Hey mifslim,

Welcome to the board! I had the same problems when I had a scope on my mini. I'm guessing that if things are that bad, it has something to do with your scope set-up. I swore at the time that my scope and mount were PERFECT, but I was wrong.

Before sending it back to Ruger, take the scope off and use the iron sights to shoot a group at 50 yds. If you still can't hit the paper, have another experienced shooter take a turn. If you still have accuracy problems, try at least a couple of different brands and bullet weights of ammo. My mini loves Winchester White Box 45 grain, available at Wal-Mart.

Also might want to keep the sandbags off her when shooting. Same goes for the rest. Take those sandbags and shoot on top of them, and not touching the top of the rifle or barrel. I've never had luck with rests that hold your rifle for you when you shoot, so can't recommend those either.

After that, I'd think about shipping her back to Ruger...

Sorry for sounding so preachey, just want to eliminate anything that could be affecting your accuracy.

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the mini is an adequate rifle for its intended purpose. my advise also is to dump the scope; if you want a one-hole rifle the mini is never going to be that so think savage le1 in .308 instead. if your mini is un-modified in the recoil management area no scope is going to live very long anyway.

so...put her in a hogue stock, swap out the gas bushing for smaller or better yet buy an adjustable block.

i guess the way i think about the rifle is that it is really a beater, not some exotic weapons platform, and putting serious money into it, although a lot of fun to do, is not a good use of your money.

take the advise you have already received, especially the ammo selection part, and go out and have some fun with this great little carbine.

mine will hold cd-size groups at 200 yards with iron sights if i don't boil the oil. maybe yours will too, maybe it won't, but no matter what it will always work and for a light carbine that is the main thing anyway.

safety first,

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Hi Mifslim, Welcome to the group!

I see a lot of good replies here but I would have to ask for a little more background info. Did you buy this rifle new? Is it of the latest design series? If not, what series is it? Is it a standard or Ranch. Is it stock or does it have some modifications?

The more info you can give, the better these guys on here can help you. And trust me, they can help you! Again, Welcome aboard Mifslim!
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It kind of depends on what you mean by "all over the place". The mini's generally don't shoot tight groups out of the box but at 50 yards they should all be on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper at least. If you are in that area, then stick on a muzzle break which will likely cut your group size in half. Consider Kkina's accu- strut to reduce the group spread even more. Those two simple to add on items are the easiest and cheapest way to make a mini a satisfactory shooter. Just those two projects made my standard mini a two to three inch shooter at 100 yds depending on ammo. Good enough for me.

Now, if you are really "all over the place" as in 3 to 4 foot groups, you might have a bad barrel. I bought a Model 96 Ruger in .17 HMR this summer and I couldn't find the hits until I put up a four x six foot piece of paper. It was honestly that bad. Called Ruger, they said send it back, I did, they put on a new barrel and it puts em all in one ragged hole at 100 yds now. It is possible to get a bad one.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Welcome to the fourm mifslim. If you have a 181 - 197 series Out of the box Mini will be 4 1/2 - 5 1/2" The new Mini seems to be a little better. Either way pining on a $14 muzzle brake will cut your groups in half. Bedding the stock, and a trigger job will get you 2" or under at 100 yds with ammo your Mini likes, and using a sandbag.

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