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I have been looking at cases, but they all seem to have way morre space than a rifle needs.
i just want to store the rifle, not a change of clothes, a fuel pump, and a set of wrenches.

Any tips, please advise. I hate vinyl, BTW.

Any pms on used stuff are welcome. I do not want to blow off forum rules, but that old crusty $5 case might be just what I'm looking for.

I plan on making a strap with 1" leather. i was thinking of making it to size and riveting the ends. If there is a better way, please speak up.

The rifle is SS, LE model [synthethetic].

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I think walmart have $10 hard case, should work pretty good for storage.
-- mini's are great rifles, the firing pin is the only weak link.
-- So, to be safe, never buy a used mini (you can never really tell how many rounds had been fired by the firing pin)
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I found mine at Wal-mart also but I don't know if the carry them still. It fits my mini just perfect and can fit in the trunk of my Honda.

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Originally posted by Sperry@Nov 22 2005, 09:15 PM
I plan on making a strap with 1" leather. i was thinking of making it to size and riveting the ends. If there is a better way, please speak up.
I have made several single strap slings out of both leather and nylon. Instead of rivets I use Chicago screws. They make it possible to remove the sling from the swivels without having to drill or cut rivets.

I have made some adjustable nylon slings by fastening a plastic slide to one end of the strap and threading the other end through the swivel on the butt of the stock, then back through the slide and up to the forarm swivel where I fasten it with the Chicago screws. Nylon strapping is dirt cheap and the slides only cost a few cents each.

I imagine a lot of guys carry their Mini like I do, in an assault rifle case. It is exactly the right length and well padded. It has several pockets for spare mags and a sling strap for carrying it on the shoulder if I want. I found it on a clearance rack for $23.

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I bought a "Gun Guard" hard case at Academy Sports for $12. It is 52" long. I put my Mini with scope, Harris Bipods, and a couple of 20 or 30 rnd mags. It is a tapered case, not square. Works for me.

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Storing your rifle in a case can lead to rust.

You only want to use a case to transport your rifle.

Your SS Mini will be more impervious to rust, but I have seen SS rust, too.
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Check out Ebay for this:


I got one and for the price ($23.99 shipping and $2.00 sell price&#33 they are really great IF you have a folding stock, otherwise they are too short.

Works great for my ranch w/ BC folder and Red dot sight and I keep (4) 10 rd and (4) 20 rd mags in it with room to spare.

These are listed almost daily, but there are longer other types of hard cases listed too.

WHOOPS! Edited to correct: The case mentioned above was for my Redhawk .357 7.5" with scope. Needed the extra room for the scope and spead loaders. My Mini 14 case is a Guardforce GDS-7252C Breakdown Shotgun Case. Really cool!!!

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My "PC" gun case idea: Go to the local Music Store (where they gitars and drums and stuff), and buy a Fender Guitar or bass hard case (bass cases are usually about 6-12" longer and a little wider than guitar cases). Then i will gut the inside and re work it so it holds 2-3 rifles and or pistols. That way when loading up the guns, people just think that i am off to band practice or something. and if you really wanted to do something ala Tommy gun style, Go and pick up a Gibson Les Paul case. These style of cases follow the contour of the classic guitar, it kind of resembles a bigger version of a violin case. Then simply fit the inside with the appropriate materials to secure the gun, and you have the perfect transport. would probably have enough room for a bunch of mags, cleaning supplies, and some ammo to boot. Expect to pay $100+ for the gibson case (less if you buy a generic one like i did for my cheap les paul). And i think that the fender branded ones are right up there, but you can buy generic cases down into the $50's. But me personally, I like the idea of having the brand name on it as to fool folks. Right now I transport the occasional carbine in a padded nylon bag that a suspension fork for my bicycle came with (i have no idea why the fork company pkg'd it like this, but at least I found a good use for it). its the perfect size for like my 16"bbl AR with the M4 stock collapsed, or my wife's CX4 or my mini with the stock folded. and its prettly well padded too boot. Just some kind of out of the box ideas for you to ponder. Once I get the $$ to waste on the Guitar case idea i will post some pics. And if anyone else wants to do this, look at used cases first, usually you can get a better value (and there are other brands, but I just one that people will easily recognize and not really question.

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