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what do you use your mini for? I got one and i love it, but i dont use it for much expect maybe varmint hunting and plinkin around.
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I use my Mini for mostly hunting coyotes and bobcats. Got a .30-06 for whitetails. I do have a friend w/a Mini who does not hunt and we plink together sometimes. The beauty is the Mini does both well and .223 ammo is affordable for plinkng. It is legal for deer here, I may try her out on one this season if I have a good shot at one. It's a good gun to "keep in the truck" on those hunting adventures...................
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Varmits- coyotes, skunks, armodillas, crows, prarie dogs and plinking too! The short barrel and hi-cap mags makes good for close quarter combat/defense situation. I use mine for varmit hunting mostly, just to get out of the house and go shoot something!

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My normal deer rifle (a Rem 300 SAUM) is staying here in CA. I'm using my ASI Mini-30 this season for a Christmas hunt in Georgia. 7.62 x 39 does the trick nicely on whitetails! Also plan to take my father-in-law to the range and try some 20 rnd hi-caps for fun. It's a great medium range (0-250m) SHTF rifle too, just "in case".
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Varmints, plinking and target practice. Even CQB practice.
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Plinking, a little hunting.
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My standard Mini SS is the primary HDW, S&W M28 is the BUG. Itīs also a great carabine to practice defence shooting and very fun for plinking and always come with me to the bush.
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I originally bought my Mini to fight off the communist hordes at midnight, but this weekend I'll be taking it on a coyote expidition. Actually, I don't plan on shooting anything. I'm going to try video taping some that I call in. My video camera has a night shot (night vision) feature that worked great at Disney World this past March. If I capture anything I'll try to post video or still shots.
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Plinking and training.
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My mini (first gun I ever bought) was and remains my primary SHTF gun. I wanted a versatile and dependable rifle that could do it all- close quarter defense, medium-range cover fire, even hunting if necessary. The Mini was perfect for the most reasons. The only issue was its accuracy- and we're working on that
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I shoot cans.
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My Mini-14GB/20 is a SHTF rifle as well as my main home defense rifle with my GLOCK 17 w/33 round mag as a BUG.

I haven't shot it yet, that will change when I go to my Dad's house today and stay till Sunday. I will let you all know how it shoots. If it's accurate enough, and I hear that GB's generally are more accurate than regular Mini's, then I may start seriously collecting these rifles. I also plan on buying a chit-pile of factory 20 rounders and PMI 30 & 40 rounders as well.
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It's the rifle I carry when I'm just out "rough shooting", or scouting. It's light and easy to carry, so I don't mind toting it on a long distance walk. Mine shoots about 1.5 - 2.0 MOA(nearly all the common mods except a bedding job), so it's fine for shots out to 150 yds. I have a 1.5-4x32 scope on it, and keep it on the low setting for those close-in or moving shots. It comes to the shoulder quickly and consistently (with the help of a cheek pad). This was my second centerfire rifle, and I don't ever expect to part with it.

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