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I have a AC556F, the Pistol grip is busted and, the folding stock tube is broke. Do they still repair or,replace worn parts? Some one told me that Ruger didn't have/make folding stock parts any more. I hope you guys can help.
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It's my understanding that Ruger is no loner supporting the folding stocks with parts or repairs.

Give them a call and they will let you know.

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Folding stocks? Why on earth would you want a folding stock?!? That makes the rifle evil and easier to hide in your back pocket! Jesus man, stick with the 5rd magazines and make sure you have a full lenght mini and don't do any modifications to the rifle........

Ruger Inc.

Ok sorry, had to. I dont know why they don't support them anymore, but I think that treedawg hit it on the head. Your best bet would be to look around on Ebay, or other gun auction sites for one. They can be quite pricey. Although do give them a call and let us know what they said for future reference.

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If it's an AC556, Ruger may be more helpful than if it were a mini-14. Or they may not, I have no idea.

If the worst comes to the worst and you can't find a new factory folder, the Butler Creek folders are great, but they do look quite a bit different from the factory folder, if that's important to you. Here's my mini-14 Ranch Rifle with the Butler Creek stock:

I ditched the rubber buttpad that came with it and made a wooden one that fit my shoulder better, though. They also come in stainless, but mine is the black version.
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Thanks for all your help guys. I need to call Ruger. I need a top gas block/front sight also.
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