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cajungeo 09-15-2003 17:35

Welcome to the Mini-14/30 Forum New Members. :D Weather you've been a "Lurker" for a while or Just found us, this Sticky will help you get a jump start on using this forum.

There are 5 sections in the Mini-14/30 Forum:
Gallery - Pics of some awsome Mini's. Post your own Pics. Read Sticky Pic. Posting 101.
Magazine - Magazine related topics. Also contains a Magazine gallery to ID your mags.
Accurizing - Topics related to accuracy.
Shooting Contest - Monthly contest in 2 classes. Enter, it will make you a better shooter.
Mini-14/30 Talk - Other Mini Related topics not related to the other 4.

Sticky - These are important topics or notifications. We even have a Sticky for Vendor links. So please read them.

The group here are from all over the free world. All are helpful. We all have the Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30 in common. We share our knowledge, and opinions freely, but in a polite mannor. Slamming, personal attacks, and foul language will not be tolerated. We do have some Ladies, and young uns aboard.

Before posting a question, Please do a little home work first. If you need help Related on How to search, posting etc. please click on "Help" upper right button. Click on topic related to your question. If your question is how to post a Pic. Ref. Gallery Sticky: Picture posting 101.

Another handy feature to search the Archives back to day 1, is the Search button next to the Help. The Help will give you the details. The "Search" gives you a quick last few days search, while Clicking on "Options" gives you an advanced search options more coverage.

Your question is important, but it may have been asked a jillion times. So searching the Archives will save us from having to answer a jillion times. Remember in the search "Options" Remember to select "Any Date", and which forum you select. Just enter "key words", many related posts will come up on your subject. If you don't find the answer then by all means post it. The only dumb question is the one someone is afraid to ask.

After you've submitted a post. You can choose to "Delete" or "Edit" your post by clicking the appropiate button. A note on Delete: Deleting the first post in a thread will delete the entire thread.

"PM" (private message) using this button will send a private message to the member you select. No one can see your pm except the person you send it to. Use this button to arrange a day at the range with a fellow member, or to answer personal for sale items etc.

So take a little time, get aquainted, and make your self at home. Again Welcome aboard. ;)

huckabuck 01-29-2007 09:19

I think I'm going to like it here !

stormryder 02-01-2007 07:40

glad to be here
finally got my dream rifle ive been wanting forever-reminds me so much of the m-16 years ago in basic-but she's wood and thats good!

stormryder 02-01-2007 07:44

what kind of wood is it? Wood Stock
the manual or site states it is American hardwood,but what is it exactly or some Minis of this and come of that? thanx!

sticks 02-01-2007 20:30


Originally Posted by stormryder (Post 417063)
the manual states it is American hardwood,but what is it exactly?

The typical Mini wood stock is birch.

Marlin 45 carbine 02-06-2007 15:08

new member to perfect union
glad I found this forum, think I'm gonna like it. I have mini-30 also.

stormryder 02-23-2007 22:33

precisionmag aftermarket 30 rounders
hi guys,just picked up a 30 round mag today and gotta say is it me or does Hercules himself load these things?... spring has like 300 lbs of torque and suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated(reliability -general jamming etc..) also maybe years spanning these guys circa pre-ban? hey thanx, Rich

devildog 03-31-2007 23:28

Thanks! This looks like a great forum and I am glad to have found it!

JasonAC556 04-02-2007 20:26

Welcome Aboard Marine!!!

Originally Posted by devildog (Post 424941)
Thanks! This looks like a great forum and I am glad to have found it!

Welcome aboard Marine!! Hope your footlocker and sea bag are ready for inspection!!! Duty uniform is Utilities and inspection is at 1330 hours!!! Doc has your Grunt Candy ready if you feel like malingering.


Maccabee 05-20-2007 19:05

Been a Mini-14 user for years. I've had 4 of em since '82. Current one is a 186 Stainless that I have had since '98 or '99. Glad I found this place.

CR ><>

the chihuahua kid 05-22-2007 13:02

hi all
i own a mini ranch rifle all weather and i love the little carbine
i shoot the dutch ipsc (npsa) and other practical games with the mini
have a look here and see the pics (hope i dont violate rules now)

olfart 06-09-2007 14:10

I've been lurking for a while now and enjoying the info. My Mini is a 180 series that I bought in 1976 (just before the Bicentennial Model came out). It's probably had less than 500 rounds through it because it's never been accurate enough to suit my tastes. Looks like I'm about to bed my first stock!

nam66-67 06-25-2007 13:01

:D have been soaking up info here for a while.You folks are just the best!Am a mini14 man and have gotten so much great stuff from ya.Seems like I just got happy knowing that you are all out there.Am looking forward to try and contribute.Thanks to all.

mathteacher 07-14-2007 19:13

Seeing all the mini mods, I think my Mini is going to be my next project. Why is it that the older we get, the more expensive our toys become?

bwh 07-21-2007 17:59

Just swinging by to say Hi! After years of looking I finally landed my first Mini - a 195-series stainless. She goes to the range tomorrow for an initial test.

I've been lurking for the past few weeks, soaking up all the good info, but now that I've actually purchased a Mini I figured it was time to sign up and ask some specific questions.

Good to be here!

Nightly 08-04-2007 09:39

Thanks for the welcome Cajungeo! This is a great site and have learned much already. Looking to make the mini14 all it can be. It has issues for sure. We all need to be some what of a gunsmith.

Kamikazi54 08-28-2007 08:39

Thank you for the Welcome
Thanks for the friendly welcome. I hope to learn as well as share with the members.


baconbeard 09-15-2007 18:05

been lurking in the background for a while before deciding to post, am really impressed with most posts and discussions. I apprecciate these forums, and the information that you all provide...very valuable to me, thank you all

Tinstar 09-28-2007 16:34

Introducing myself, retired LEO from So,Cal. presently on a security team for Alabama State Senate. I have enjoyed reading all of the posts on this forum and am glad a friend and fellow Mini 14 enthusiest recommended this place. When working alone in Riverside County as a deputy Marshal I use to carry a Winchester 30cal. rifle. This was prior to rifles in patrol cars. I saw the need then as well as now. When the Mini 14's became available I replaced the old lever action. I still enjoy shooting the Mini. And I have a Mini 30,but as you know the rounds for it are not readily available. Ya'll be safe.

shootist.45 10-11-2007 06:07

hey ,good folks...
it's good to finally be a member here ...lot's of good advice from all over the free world....i'm proud to be one of you!

" Think Wisely and Shoot Straight "

MetalDave 10-20-2007 18:06

Hey, Been a lurker here for a few weeks, just bought a Mini-14 Target today. Hope to learn alot from this site (and I'm sure I will!).

Mini-Dave 10-25-2007 17:25

I have been looking for a good mini forum for a long time now. This is great.

Sinrman68 11-05-2007 02:04

Makes me miss mine
Hey y'all...reading this makes me miss my mini-14...sold it a few years back for a big gun. I remember it felt great in my hands and looked like a dream. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. Best I could get was right around 5 inches at 100 yds. Being a former infantry marine, I was good with it-it wasn't an M-40 right! My only problem was the anemic 5.56 round. If Ruger would just offer this rifle in the new 6.8 SPC or 6.5 Grendel? How does the mini-30 shoot? I've always liked the 7.63x39 round...especially at close range.

Tinstar 11-06-2007 11:48

Welcome to a great forum Sinrman. I really like my mini 30. I have found that it is more accurate than my mini 14. With the cheap scope I have on it I can get 2" and smaller groups at 100 yds. Of course the accuracy would depend on the ammo also. I also like the 7.62x39 round. My mini 30 seems to shoot the 123gr the best. Whereas I get better results with 55gr in the mini 14.

sunwolf 11-22-2007 10:56

Glad to be here.Been a mini-14 shooter for a long time.So much info here on the mini,great!

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