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Originally Posted by Exumer2687 View Post
Hey guys, I'm new here and this seems like a great place so far! prompt, helpful replies on my thread. I love my mini and I'm glad I've found a forum where i can avoid all the mini-14 bashing
Welcome Friend! You are right in that it is great to be a member of a forum where we can help each other to improve the type of gun we like so much,or just sharing stories worth reading, instead of having to deal with so many trash some mine-is-bigger-than-you pompous jerks use to write.
Welcome aboard and start having fun!
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New member

Hello, glad to be aboard.
I have a Mini-14 built in '76, serial number 180-36****. I'm looking to dress it up a bit, but will post a new topic to get your ideas.
Thanks for letting me in!
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Old 11-24-2008, 07:54   #103
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Jacksonville FL

new member also, been lurking for a while, finally got a 580 series so now I will be reading all the advice in earnest
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New guy here also. lots of good info here helped me to pick the mini-14 over the ar. i just put a 580 target model on lay away and will be picking it up in three weeks. it is the wooden thumbhole model. what a great balanced gun. felt great today when i went to the shop. now i just need to do some more searching to find out what scope to get and what mags besides the factory ones are any good.
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Came looking for info for the mini-14 and found this site and like what I read.So here we go.I bought a new 181 when yhey first came out 20+ years ago and put it away.we all ready had 3 180's that we shot on weekends.they have gone with my boys.and I thought it was now time to set this one up.I have a very old Leupold 3X9 scope and S&K mounts.this is the first mini I have used a scope on.My eyes were much better 27 yrs ago.anyway I have found many good ideas and tips in the last 4 hrs and I know their will be more help I will need.
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Hey Everyone, I've been a member here for about a week, and got my mini in 6.8 SPC a day or two after. I finially got my hands on some ammo yesterday. One box of Remington 115 gr. OTM, at $32.49, and a box of Hornady 110 gr. VMAX at $27.00. Ouch! I could have waited to get it much cheaper, but that itch needed scratching, soo... Went to the gun club today, and tried it out. WOO HOOO!! Great time. I've been shooting pistols regularly for years , but am very rusty with rifles, and those factory sights are sooo big at 50 and 100 yds. I shot a not terrible group at 50 yds. My best groups were about 2". That was with the Rem. amo. Then at 100 yds, still with the Rem, I was all over the place. Mainly off the paper! The Vmax didn't help eather at first. But I did some serious elevation adjustments, (3 full turns, about 7.5" up), and moved windage about 1/2 turn to the left about 2 inches. My last groups were about 3" in the black. Wow. Thats not too bad, all things considered. The rust is comming off, and I am remimbering how much more concentration rifles require, breathing and so on, and a sight picture I'm not familiar with. Also, there was a high power compitition going on at the time, and my mini got lots of attention from everyone. Had a awsome time. Now that I'm back, I want to go shooting. I've heard a lot of reports about the inaccuracy of the older mini, and was worried I couldn't get a respectible group, but now I'm really encouraged. With practice and a good scope, maybe a lighter trigger, I think It will shoot as good as your avarage AR at 100 yds. By the way, the barrel never got a rapid fire workout, so thats still a question mark.
Question for you salty long riflemen. The range master told me to hold at the 6 at 50 yards, and at 12 at 100 Yards. Is this right? My owners manual only shows a 6 O clock sight picture.
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what does GR stand for?
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Originally Posted by cajungeo View Post
Welcome to the Mini-14/30 Forum New Members. Weather you've been a "Lurker" for a while or Just found us, this Sticky will help you get a jump start on using this forum.

There are 5 sections in the Mini-14/30 Forum:
Gallery - Pics of some awsome Mini's. Post your own Pics. Read Sticky Pic. Posting 101.
Magazine - Magazine related topics. Also contains a Magazine gallery to ID your mags.
Accurizing - Topics related to accuracy.
Shooting Contest - Monthly contest in 2 classes. Enter, it will make you a better shooter.
Mini-14/30 Talk - Other Mini Related topics not related to the other 4.

Sticky - These are important topics or notifications. We even have a Sticky for Vendor links. So please read them.

The group here are from all over the free world. All are helpful. We all have the Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30 in common. We share our knowledge, and opinions freely, but in a polite mannor. Slamming, personal attacks, and foul language will not be tolerated. We do have some Ladies, and young uns aboard.

Before posting a question, Please do a little home work first. If you need help Related on How to search, posting etc. please click on "Help" upper right button. Click on topic related to your question. If your question is how to post a Pic. Ref. Gallery Sticky: Picture posting 101.

Another handy feature to search the Archives back to day 1, is the Search button next to the Help. The Help will give you the details. The "Search" gives you a quick last few days search, while Clicking on "Options" gives you an advanced search options more coverage.

Your question is important, but it may have been asked a jillion times. So searching the Archives will save us from having to answer a jillion times. Remember in the search "Options" Remember to select "Any Date", and which forum you select. Just enter "key words", many related posts will come up on your subject. If you don't find the answer then by all means post it. The only dumb question is the one someone is afraid to ask.

After you've submitted a post. You can choose to "Delete" or "Edit" your post by clicking the appropiate button. A note on Delete: Deleting the first post in a thread will delete the entire thread.

"PM" (private message) using this button will send a private message to the member you select. No one can see your pm except the person you send it to. Use this button to arrange a day at the range with a fellow member, or to answer personal for sale items etc.

So take a little time, get aquainted, and make your self at home. Again Welcome aboard.
Thanks for the heads-up.


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Hey all. Im another new guy.
I sort of discovered this site by accident. After doing some reading i was inspired to pull the old mini from its deep slumber and give it a little face lift, maybe a little more function over fashion, because right now it is not evil or black enough. A pet project of sorts, maybe even a chance for us to get reacquainted. I havent fired it, or really even seen it in over 5 years and there some things i do not remember. Currently my brain is hard wired into the AR platform, so this may turn into one of the few success stories of reeducation through labor.
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welcome to all the newbys and good to see some info from you.
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New Mini-14 owner as of yesterday. I bought the NRA Mini-14 with two 20 round magazines. I bought 2 more 20's from Ruger and 2 5 rounders as well.

This looks like a great web site to learn all about my new gun!
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New member

Found this site and have been reading for several weeks. Now my wallet is lighter and a new mini will soon report here for duty.
My thanks to all of you and B. Hussein what's his name!
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Permission to come aboard...

I'm new to this forum, and somewhat new to the Ruger Mini-14 rifle.

I was introduced to this rifle by my father, who owns a M1 Garand. As everyone knows, the Mini-14 shares the same "Garand" action/bolt. So, my father's recommendation is based on the combat-proven technology of his own historic rifle. Heck, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Anyway, with the results of recent 2008 Presidential election, I started to think about whether or not I would have the "opportunity" to buy a good automatic/carbine rifle. Essentially, I wanted something for home defense and/or to just head out to the back-40 and have some fun with. The Ruger Mini-14 fit the bill on both requirements.

Additionally, I wanted to buy a rifle that used a fairly "shoot-able" round. The Remington .223 round is perfect. It's not overly-powerful (like a 30-06 round, ala the M1 Garand). But, it still packs a good punch. Moreover, with the right training/practice, as well as a few mods to your rifle, this round can deliver VERY accurate results within 100 yards. Again, the Ruger Mini-14 fit the bill.

Anyway, I've been poking around this forum for a while now. And, I really like the information that is being shared, both the instructional information and the the pics as well. It's good inspiration for my own rifle. Lots of good stuff here!

Thanks again for having me. Glad to be a member.



PS: Without our 2nd Amendment, all the other Constitutional Amendments will mean very little. Trust the forefathers of this great nation.

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Old 12-10-2008, 10:25   #114
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Greetings from NE Arkansas.

I've been lurking a bit and finally registered.

I just bought a new NRA Mini-14 yesterday, so thought I'd say hello.
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Originally Posted by Pitts Spcl View Post
Greetings from NE Arkansas.

I've been lurking a bit and finally registered.

I just bought a new NRA Mini-14 yesterday, so thought I'd say hello.
Welcome aboard Pitts!
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Hey all! I just bought a Mini-14 (still waiting for it to arrive)after drooling over my brother-in-law's two. While searching for 20 round mags(like I'm the only one doing it), I came across this site and it's just what I've been looking for! There seems to be a goldmine of info for the Minis.

I'm from Texas and am a moderator on the site. If anybody is from our neck of the woods or would just like to visit, be our guest! Thanks!


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New guy here.
I've been tuning in here pretty regularly for quite some time now as a lurker.
When I was looking at the purchase of my Target model a year ago, I found this site in the search.
The info is great.
I added a Masen flash hider to my 30 based on info here, and also have added shock buffers to all three of my mini's.

What encouraged me to register was a loading question that came up. I looked for an answer at alot of different sites, just reading the post etc., but didn't find anything that would answer my question. Since I spent the most time here when I was reading gun related stuff, I registered.

Its a great site, I've learned alot. Thankyou

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Finally registered.....

Hey all...........have lurked here for quit some time off and on. Have found some very usefull info here. Finally decided to join in.
I am a old farmer from central Kansas. Have had several different guns all my life. I have had mini's for years, just have a soft spot for them I guess.
My son owns and operates a gun store in central Kansas and I tend to hang out there alot when I get the farming done.
Look forward to getting to know some of you, NOHOG
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Checkin' in

Just joined this forum, but I've lurked for a while...

Just bought my second Mini, although my first (a Mini-30) is long since sold. I've always loved the look of the rifle, so with the expected political pinch, I picked up a stainless 580 series earlier this week. Let the tweaking begin.

If feels good to be back in the fold!

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Old 12-14-2008, 20:09   #120
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Just bought my first rifle, an NRA mini 14. Looks like I can learn alot here, looking forward to hearing some range reports/shooting my own NRA mini 14.
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Hi all,

Great site here. I've been lurking and thinking what to get next and I'm more inclined to getting the mini 14 as my 1st rifle. Can't wait to have the money saved up for it. In the mean time I would want to gather as much info about the mini so that when I am ready, I'll know what type of goodies to put into it.
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New member, visiting the forum for the first time today.

Don't even have the gun yet, but just ordered five 20 round mags from Ruger. In a few hours, I'll head over to Cabelas and pick-up a Mini-14. I plan on putting it on an ATI stock.

First "serious" rifle I'll own (do .22s count?), purchased for a JIC weapon (just in case), before the inevitable reg changes. Why Mini? I have a friend who's an AR-whore (and poo-poos the Mini), and I like to be contrary. That, and I can't stomach current AR pricing.

Looking forward to some range time.
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I think I'm going to like it here to, some great info and sounds like a friendly place to hangout
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New Member Checking In

Just found the site---looks like a lot of very informative info.
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Hi all. Just found the site a few days ago. I've loved Mini's for a long time. I just got a new one a couple days ago. First time out at the range today and I'm a happy camper!
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