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Since there has often been requests for Mini-14/30 Links for Accessories/Parts, this sticky provides a clickable List of Vendors for your convience. I'm shure it isn't a complete list, but the more popular ones. For a complete list enter "Mini-14" in your search engine, and many more will come up.

This is a list only. Perfect Union, or its moderator's do not recommend or endorse any vendor in this list. Again this is simply a list for your convience. As always, let the buyer BEWARE!

You can use the search feature to check past history of a vendor . Always check on their warrentee, and return policy before ordering.

Accuracy Systems Inc - ASI
Andean Inc.
BRP Foregrip
Cheaper than Dirt
Clark Custom Guns
Country Shed
Ergo Grips & Rails
Express Sights
Four Four Mag
Gun Accessories
Holster Plus
Hornet Products
Jack Weigand
John Masen
Lock Stock & Barrel
Midsouth Shooter Supply
Midway USA
Ranch Products
Sportsmans Guide
Supliers-Tons of links
Varminthunter Links Page - A Gazillion gun links!
Wolf Gun Springs

.223 Ammo Review
Cheaper than Dirt
Cartridge Head Stamps
Lock Stock & Barrel
Midsouth Shooters Supply
Midway USA
Sportsmans Guide
Winchester ammo

.223 Ammo Reviews
Barrel Threading Specs & TAT
Barrel Threading Instructions
Brownells How-To. Many Articles.
Harris Procedure & Warning
How a Barrel Tuner Works
Muzzle Brake-Home Made
Beartooth - Tips on Mini's Gas block
Bedding the stock
Bedding M1A
Competitive - Barrel break in & Cleaning
How to fire the Shot
How to Tune Your Mini
How to Dissamble Your Mini
Optic Talk
.223/5.56 Penetration Test
The Gun Zone
Stock Finishing
Parallax Explained
.223 Rem vs 5.56mm Nato plus Articles for LEO
5.56 Performance FAQ

Accuracy Rifle Systems - ARS
Accuracy Systems Inc - ASI
DRC Custom Guns
4201 East Renfro Road
Alvarado, Texas 76009
Clark Custom Guns
Great West Gunsmithing
NorthWest Shooter Support. E-Mail at <[email protected]>
The Arms Room

Gun Laws
Amendments to the Constitution
Article [II.]
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Congress.Org - Write your elected officials
The National Firearms Act - NFA
States Gun Laws
Keep and Bear Arms
2nd Ammendment Links
Federal Assault Weapons Ban Sorry folks it is extinct!
Gun Law Watch List
Right 2 Bear Arms
California DOJ

Wolf Springs
Numerich e-gun parts
Jack First gun parts
Wolf Gun Springs

Video's - Ok guys if you want to see Mini's in action here it is. There are a lot of videos out there. I've chosen the one's I feel are Intertaining or helpful, but safe, and legal.
Mini-14 stopping power vs tiles
Mini-30 Rips off 20 rnds.
Accruized Mini-14 @ 300+ yards!
Mini-30 rips 30 rnds at night
Mini-14 vs car door
Woman shooting Mini-14 folder
Stripper Clip Mag loader
Mini-30 vs Metal target
Mini-14 vs AK 47 Side x Side Test
Mini-14 rapid fire
Target Mini Makes a hit
Tuning the Target Mini- See what it does at 300 yds!
Bumpfire - Careful Now!
Bumpfire Mini
AC556 with & without .22 Cleiner conversion
AC556 with 30 rnd mag dump
AC556 With a 100 rnd Beta Mag dump!!!!!!

More to follow---

Thanks Texas Patriot, and others who made this happen.

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Ok guys, I emptied my favorite links files. I put them into catagory folders so it will be easy for you to browse. I also cleaned up the links so they are easier for you to use.

There is also an "Article" folder which you will find interesting reading. Spend some extra time if you can. You may learn something new.

New Link/s added today.

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Since there has been a recent interest in Reloading for our Mini-14/Mini-30&#39;s, I&#39;ve added some of my favorite links on Reloading. These links are not to take the place of a Reloading manual, but to supplement it. These links are important to someone who thinks they may be interested, or curious to see what it is all about. These links cover every thing from “Why Reload” to “Reloading for Beginners”, to “Reloading for Advanced Reloaders” to ballistics, and “Theory of Flight of Bullets”.

We reloaders know that Reloading reduces our shooting costs, increases accuracy by a bunch, and gives the same satisfaction as bedding our rifle or other mod., and seeing the improvement in accuracy. We also have other Rifles & Pistols besides the Mini-14/30. It is easy to carry the process over to them as well.

Now a word on safety: Reloading can be dangerous&#33; Please read all safety precautions you can find. Ignorance can damage your firearm or worse, it can cause physical harm to you are others near you&#33; Don&#39;t take any short cuts&#33; Study the process, and follow all precautions carefully&#33;

Many of these links contain many links. Spend some spare time here and you will learn a bunch.

Perfect Union has a Reloading Board if you have general or non-Mini specific questions. Click on Reloading Forum

Why Reload
Reloads vs Factory
Reloading for Beginners
Reloading for semi-auto Service Rifles
Advanced Reloading
How do Bullets Fly?-A course in Theory of flight, and Ballistics. (Easy to Read)
Steps of Reloading
M.D. Smiths Reloading Pages
The Reloading Society- Many Links
Bullet Manufactures
Powder Manufactures
Powder Burn Rate
Varmint Al&#39;s Reloading -Tons of info and links

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Tactical/CQB Links

This is a work in progress. This section contains Tactical/CQB links which are/or can be, related to our Mini-14 or Mini-30. This is for your convenience in searching for tactical gear or articles for the Mini.

The cautions listed above still apply here. Always check return policy before ordering.

Tac/CQB Gear
ASI - Tactical package, stocks, sight mounts, and more
BlackHawk - Web gear, slings & Cheek Pads
Botach - Scopes, bipods, Tac gear
Bushmaster - Flash hiders, stocks
Clips n Stuff - Mags & Stocks
Combat Solutions - Web gear
Eagle Industries Tactical Cases
Eotech Holo sight
Gun Accessories - Flash Hiders, Scope mounts
SWFA Optics, Night Vision, mounts
Specter CQB Gear
Tactical Flashlights - Over 700 different Tac. Lights.
Tactical Options - Lights, slings, rifle cases, and more
Tactical Warehouse - Tac Lights
TJ General Store - Mini Scout Mount, Optics, Tac Lights
Ultimak - Scout Mount
Ultimate Weapon Systems - Bipods, and more

Surefire - Articles on tactical lights
Tactical Intervnetions - Manuals for using CQB slings
Firearms Tactical Institute - Many Tactical briefs. You will spend some time here.
CQB Cary & Draw Options

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