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Ahh to bring back an old post to set the record straight. I've been a sniper/counter sniper in a Ranger detach in the 75th for years, and after reading this post I had to revise this badboy. Now for starters, Leupold optics including the great bedazzled Mark4 have problems just like any other scope on the market, I see it daily considering I use the 10x40 fixed on my M24. Now I think with a $1500 civi pricetag people probly don't go running around to their friends bragging that their Leupold is in the shop when a malfunction does happen. I will agree with some of the shooters on here when they say Bushnell is junk, it is, BUT, and this is a big but! lol The Bushnell Elite 3200 and 4200 are not Bushnell optics, they are Bausch and Lomb with a Bushnell stamp, and yes they are every bit as good as the Leupold on my M24, and I even think the 10x40 fixed 3200 is clearer than my Mark4, and the only negative thing I have ever seen about the Elite 3200 is that its a 1inch tube and not 30mm, but it's an easy fix, by using a 20moa basemount you can get the travel a 30mm tube will give you on this optic.. I replied today because as of lately all I see are people slamming optics that don't cost $800+. When I go to the civilian ranges I usually piss myself laughing, half the time I see shooters with scopes that costed 4 times the cost of their weapon and can't even shoot sub moa with a 2k dollar scope. Your optic doesn't make you a good shooter, you make yourself one. There is nothing wrong at all with a Bushnell 3200, 4200, Nikon Monarch or Buckmaster, Super Sniper or Mueller, it's all advertising hearsay that puts optic manufacturers in the place that they are today. sh** I've seen an 18 year old kid shoot sub moa at 500meters with a frickin BSA scope lol, try that one the next time you're feeling lucky.

11 Bravo
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Originally posted by 11Bravo@Nov 24 2005, 03:37 PM
Ahh to bring back an old post to set the record straight. I've been a sniper/counter sniper in a Ranger detach in the 75th

11Bravo Interesting post, especially from your qualified perspective.
In regards to B&L scopes the Bushnell Scopechief VI's, are a screaming value
on the used market IMO.

Have you had an oportunity to evaluate the US Optics 10X's currently
seen in country? If so how do they compare to the consumer
grade glass? Are they worth the $?

Tnks MM
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