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OE 20 round straight magazine disassembly

Ive got black Ruger followers in hand to replace the green followers. Looking at the bottom of the OE mags, the floor plate isnt going to remove like the factory one does. It appears that at a minimum, two side tabs are going to have to be bent.

For those of you who have replaced the follower, what method(s) did you use to keep defacing the mag and floorplate to a minimum?

Thanks in advance. Tim.
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I used a "reverse" set of pliers (don't know the right name, but when you squeeze the handles, the "tips" spread apart). Several tip sets came with the one I got Got one at Harbor Freight years ago and have used it for a number of things.

It is best not to bend up the lips, but to spread them. Only the lips on the back-end need to be spread - just enough so they come out of the notches. While spread, slide the base plate toward the rear of the mag. Don't need to spread them much at all and once you get the base plate moved to the rear just a little bit, then you can wedge a flat-tip screwdriver between the base plate and the front of the mag and twist a bit. At that point, you can either push with your thumb or use pliers from the back end and pull. Some tape of some sort can go over the back end of the base plate so that pliers don't mar it.

Sounds more difficult than it is. The lips toward the front end don't clamp into a notch in the base plate.

These are from Harbor Freight. I got the second set. Most reputable hardware stores carry something similar.

Hope this helps!

P.S.:I have not personally tried this, but perhaps another means to spread the rear lips is to use an old (but stout) credit card. Cut a short strip of it just a bit wider than the gap between the two rear lips and wedge it between them (being a bit longer, it would be bowed up a bit). Once in position, press down on the bow and it should spread those lips enough to slide the base plate to the rear.
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Snap-ring (or retaining ring) pliers. Duh! [head slap]

Grabbed mine, had that thing apart in no time (got a small scratch, but was my fault for hurrying).

(The new follower didnt fix my issue, but at least its eliminated as a cause)

Great idea and advice, so simple, thanks so much. Tim
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Use a rubber mallet and a small wood block to tap the floor plate out via it's edge. No chance of scratches and no marring.
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I used a vise with a set of soft jaws, an armorer’s mallat and a punch.
Never bent any tabs.
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