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Redsmith 07-22-2020 20:04

CAA Flashlight mount
Now that I've worn out the MRD discussion...on to CAA. I've looked everywhere for the PL1 (1 inch) in black and NOBODY has it. CAA has the OD green and tan in one inch but no black and no BO ($14 shipping for that little thing BTW). An eBay distributor in Israel (where they are made) has the PL2 which looks exactly the same but comes from CAA's airsoft division...what's that? They also have a PL2-s but I can't find any difference. Any clues out there if the PL2 is a light duty version of the PL1? Or anyone have a source for a couple? Thanks!

Redsmith 07-22-2020 20:52

OK, to answer my own question, if anyone is interested, further digging revealed a 2012 CAA pdf catalog that shows the PL1 as the 3/4" dia version and the PL2 as the 1" dia. Why the airsoft division of CAA I have no idea.
CAA Airsoft Division

sandog 07-23-2020 05:03

Yeah, I remember going to order direct from CAA and they wanted as much for shipping as they did for the mount. Maybe because it has to ship from Israel ?
I can't remember where I ordered the last two from, but if I think of it I'll post it here.

Redsmith 07-23-2020 17:15


Originally Posted by sandog (Post 1643578)
Yeah, I remember going to order direct from CAA and they wanted as much for shipping as they did for the mount. Maybe because it has to ship from Israel ?
I can't remember where I ordered the last two from, but if I think of it I'll post it here.

Thanks sandog, I found them from an eBay seller in Israel; same price as direct from CAA but lower shipping. On another note, just got my UltiMAK and FF III today! Put the battery in and the dot is not as sharp around the edges as I would have expected...looks more like a small starburst than a dot no matter the brightness level. Normal?

Redsmith 07-23-2020 17:26


Originally Posted by Bepe (Post 1643686)
No not normal. Might have something to do with your eyesight. Is it a genuine Burris? Chicom knockoffs on fleabay and other sights.

I buy my Trijicon stuff direct from Trijicon and I got my Fast Fire fro Optics Planet.

If you are getting long in the tooth (like a lot of us) than probably your eyes.


LOL! At 64, yeah, I'd say I'm getting long in the tooth :D

Redsmith 07-23-2020 17:31

BTW, the FF III came all sealed with the look of the real deal. Even had the anti-theft mag strip inside the box. All packaged like it came from Burris with no hint of a knock off, but who am I to say...I'm no expert. I'll get it all mounted up this weekend and have my son take a look; 27 yo eyes are a lot better than mine!

sandog 07-23-2020 18:03

I'm right with you guys, will be 63 in two months.
Lately the dot hasn't looked as sharp to me either, but my eyes are watery a lot due to allergies.
The dot will show some flare at the brightest setting, but it gets sharper as the brightness is turned down.

r80rt 07-23-2020 18:59

What a bunch of geezers, I'm 63 too.

Redsmith 07-23-2020 19:18

1 Attachment(s)
Totally weird, I see a ragged starburst but my phone camera sees this...

Attachment 57626

Redsmith 07-23-2020 19:19


Originally Posted by r80rt (Post 1643702)
What a bunch of geezers, I'm 63 too.

Hahahahaha...Geezers rule!

r80rt 07-24-2020 04:50


Originally Posted by Redsmith (Post 1643704)
Totally weird, I see a ragged starburst but my phone camera sees this...

Attachment 57626

This is why I can't use a red dot.

W.R.Buchanan 07-24-2020 09:44

Here's a tidbit of info concerning fuzzy dots.

If your eye isn't directly in line with the optics centerline you will get a fuzzy or misshapen dot.

This is especially true with Bushnell TRS 25's and I have experienced it until I figured out what was going on.

Just like with a scope if your eye is not centered on the optic you will get shadows around the edges of the field of view. You all have experienced this.

Well, the same holds true with the Red Dot Sights except it doesn't show as a Shadow, it shows as a weird dot.

On a Rifle, your cheek weld should place your eye in the correct position, but doesn't guarantee it. You need to make sure your cheek weld is, in fact, in the correct position to line your eye up with the optic just like you would do with a scope or iron sights.

On a Pistol it is harder to pick up the dot during the presentation unless your presentation is perfectly repeatable with every iteration. I removed my Fast Fire from my Glock 35 because I had to "hunt the dot" every time I drew the gun. Mind you it is not that far away, or out of view, it is just a little off and that takes precious time and attention away from your other functions as you come on target before you can fire.

Also my Glock shot to 2 different places every other shot one on target the next 1" low and left, then back and forth between the two places. This drove me nutz !!! and I didn't have the problem with regular sights. Don't ask me why.

Last,,, If you have old eyes and you haven't been to an Optometrist in a while or ever, you need to get off you butt and get your eyes examined and get some proper glasses. NOT BIFOCALS! You need Progressives for shooting. If you haven't worn them before, they take a little getting used to. Live with it!

I go to Costco for my eye exams and it is not at all expensive. Then you go to a discount eyeglass maker in your area, or Costco, with your prescription and get your glasses made.

My last two pairs cost me < $200 for the whole show.(Exam and glasses) I got regular glasses I wear all the time and Sunglasses that have the same prescription. You need to tell your optometrist that you are a shooter and they will tweak the prescription so you close in focal length is a little farther out than at it's peak. IE: your prescription will be dialed back about one click from what the machine says. IE: 1.75 diopter instead of 2.00.

You can do this too! You just have to want to,,, and I really don't want to hear about your Old Eyes! Do something about it, it ain't that hard!!!


Redsmith 07-24-2020 16:19


Originally Posted by r80rt (Post 1643750)

This is why I can't use a red dot.

That's it! Great article r80rt. My wife, oldest son and I all have astigmatism and we all see the same thing to varying degrees.

r80rt 07-24-2020 16:25

Sucks don't it? The only way I know I have it is when I try to use a red dot sight.

Redsmith 07-24-2020 16:26

Hey Randy, thanks for the advice. I think they all hold true, astigmatism, sight alignment, bad unchecked eyes; it just depends which category you fall under and not necessarily 100% correctable each time in every case. I'll certainly check alignment, but I get new glasses every two years...not a problem.

W.R.Buchanan 07-25-2020 12:05

As far as the fuzzy dot goes,,, It really doesn't matter. The bullet is going where ever the dot is placed ! Fuzzy or not as long is it isn't too big your gonna hit what you are aiming at.

They weren't made for Precision Shooting they were made for Quick Target Acquisition.

When you see someone shooting a big target that is relatively hard to miss for anyone not totally blind, and they are spending time looking at the sights instead of pulling the trigger,, they are "Studying the Sights." I beat this out of my Bro In Law at our last shotgun class. His shotgun has a big dayglow orange front sight and a ghost ring rear sight. I pushed him to pull the trigger as soon as that front sight was on the target, and then rack the gun as soon as the shot broke. I had to break him of studying the sights.

This is a habit and just like picking your nose, and you can beat it.

With a Red Dot Sight as soon as the dot is on the target, Bang! There is no thinking involved, you already made the decision to shoot. So pull the trigger! It becomes a reflex and especially on closer targets.The object is to get shots on targets as quickly as possible, shot placement is not the object because if your first shot doesn't kill the guy it will damn sure slow him down, and give you time to apply more lead to the problem.

Practicing this is key and it pretty much has to be done live fire. Start with a Mansized target at 15 yards and learn to double tap as fast as you can. You should be able to get off two shots in less than 1.5 seconds from the ready with a rifle. @1.7 seconds for a pump shotgun. You also have to consider height above bore and compensate for it out to 25+ yards but that just comes under the heading of Sight Picture. It is still Dot Bang, Dot Bang.

Same holds true with a shotgun, either with a bead or rifle sights. And with a shotgun perfect shot placement is not necessary as any hits with .30 caliber balls will probably do the trick. This means you can go even faster !!!

If confronted by an armed adversary your ability to get shots on target in as short a period of time as possible, will define your survivability in that situation.

You might have noticed that things are heating up in our country?

Might be a good time to do some practice, and improve your gun handling.

just sayin'


Redsmith 07-25-2020 18:16

Couldn't agree more Randy.

RIBob 07-30-2020 14:18

Returning to the OP, I have some of these units. I found that with typical flashlights which had "slick" bodies, it was worth "roughening-up" the internal clamping surfaces of the plastic mount for better "Gription". Use fairly "smooth" sandpaper to start, and go up in coarseness, as required. Coating the fastening screws with decent grease will allow the user to tighten the screws a bit tighter.

Not a bad unit, once user-modified, and once de-greased, eminently paintable with the right plastic-friendly paint.

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