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Ruger Model 99/44 Deerfield Carbine .44 Magnum with 18.5" barrel.


I recently discovered the above-captioned carbines aka... "A Mini-14 on steroids" as one reviewer opined.

Most (old and new versions) are bidding ~$1K on Gun Broker.

I'm not sure if it's just the novelty of the carbine or I'm missing something.

I don't think Ruger supports the original version with replacement parts any longer, so I can't imagine wanting an original for practical purposes other than adding to a collection. I can't help but like it though!

Thoughts from the team on the newer version?

Someone talk me down!


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I have seen several of these in the last few months for a lot less than $1000.

One had a 3X Leupold scope and was $550 and I kicked myself in the arse for not buying it. It was in excellent shape but I have a .44 Levergun so I didn't think I needed it?..

I remember the first ads that came out for that gun back in the day and they had a big sweaty guy who a was Hunting Gorillas in the Congo.

That ad probably wouldn't fly today.

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The 44 mag Deerfield carbines are neat long guns, Ruger may not support them anymore but I would bet 3rd party support is out there since the Deerfields have such a hardcore cult following.
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