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New here, been lurking now a question

OK, I've looked at a LOT of different posts regarding the ASI adjustable gas block, already have it for my new 584 Mini as well as dampeners and AccuStrut and ASI smaller bushing because I had to reduce the size of the stock bushing and went too small (trying to hit his recs perfectly and went too far), my question now is: I've read in previous posts that the ASI bushing is potentially trash as far as material/length goes, so in your opinions, should I contact Ruger and get another bushing and try again, or was that an issue of the past and everything's cool now?....Speaking with Carl, he seemed like he genuinely cared, was a nice dude and wouldn't sell trash to anybody given his reputation with the Mini, and given,'s a gun, wouldn't potentially do something that could possibly damage said gun or cause injury....Whaddaya's think? Ruger or ride it?
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ASI gas bushings are as good as any in my experience with a 189 Series Mini-30. I have 4 different sizes from them that all fit perfectly vertically... same length as the original bushing.

That's not always the case when you buy bushings, even from Ruger. ASI is a solid outfit with good products and service. Check their instructions in the following link for trimming bushings to length for best fit. Mini's will vary a bit when it comes to proper bushing length.
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ASI Treated me right when I had a stuck bushing in my gas block. God knows how they got it out without ruining the gas block. My rifle now has the .045 bushing, an Accu-Strut and functions flawlessly to keep up with any AR-15 during Practical Rifle matches.

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I've got bushings from ASI and they were the proper size and quality material.
I didn't want a set of different size bushings as I knew I wanted .062" for my Mini-30s, so Carl sold me a set with all .062". That was nice of him.

I think much of their stuff is unnecessary and overpriced, but bushings are the one thing I'd buy from them.
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