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Swapping gas blocks

I have a Mini that I had ASI put a .625 barrel on many years ago before the .625 barrel became standard on the Mini 14 and the Mini 30. With that in mind I had an ASI gas block on that Mini 184. I have been wanting to swap my gas block from the 184 to the 580 for a long time. To do this I needed a full length gas bushing that you would normally find on a skinny barrel Mini.

Forum member Jazzsax bought some gas bushings from Lee Hadaway and I asked him to sell me his .040 bushing. I want to put a short accustrut on the 184 to make it look like an M14. (I know, stupid but Momma never raised a brainiac) I needed a long gas bushing to use with the ASI gas block even though I am putting it on a 580 series barrel.

Just to add some detail, when ASI puts on a barrel they cut the gas hole to the right dimension to keep the rifle from being over gassed. They use a standard .080 Ruger gas bushing. Ruger cuts a big hole in the barrel and we have to find the right bushing to control the gas. I put a standard Ruger gas bushing in the 184 series that I ground down the length about .020 to .030 to custom fit the bushing for length. I did not measure it to get the exact dimensions. Yes, I eye balled it. (shame on me) I have not taken that rifle to the range yet to test it. I will add those details to this report at a later date.

Back to where I was. I received the bushing last week and got it put on a few days ago. Today was my first trip to the range. The rifle still functions exactly like the factory gas block was still on the rifle. The only exception is the POI is about 2 inches lower than the factory gas block. I simply added some elevation to my scope to fix this. I did not have to change the windage.

One thing I did notice, it seemed to take a little longer to heat up the ASI gas block which did cause a minor change in the POI after it got hot.

Pictures for those of us who need them.
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Good to hear the bushing did the job! You are pretty creative.
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Originally Posted by Jazzsax8 View Post
Good to hear the bushing did the job! You are pretty creative.
I apparently have too much free time.

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