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A question for the Mini-14 GB owners..

I have an opportunity for a Mini-14 GB model (1978 1/10 twist barrel) that is California legal with the flash hider replaced with an ugly AMD-65 style muzzle brake. What thread pitch are the GB models? 1/2x28 or something else?

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ima I have a 1977 vintage 181GB, but could not frankly tell you what the thread for the flash hider is as I have never had cause to remove it for the 40 years I've owned it. But I seem to recall from a few posts a while back that the threading is not 1/2X28.

Also, it may be entirely possible that the previous owner re-did the threading for the MB. About all I could suggest is removing the MB and use a tool (or have a 'smith) measure it.

I love my 181GB - the first firearm I ever owned and will never leave me until "from my cold, dead hands".

There are various theories out there about why most GBs are more accurate/consistent than a standard pencil-barreled Mini-14, ranging from Ruger pulling the better barrels during manufacture for the GB line to the counter-weighting value of the placement of the front sight/bayo-lug and the flash hider attenuating barrel whip. Probably some truth to both but my vote is on the counter-weighting argument.

Regardless of whatever thread it has, you can adjust quite easily. Numrich probably won't be much help, unfortunately.

And no - as much as I like you, I'm not going to pull my virgin 181GB's flash hider to figure out the thread. Friendship only goes so far...Its gas block screws are still factory-staked... It is un-violated since it left the factory in late 1977, with the exception of a funky side-mounted P-rail which isn't to bad, but un-used in preference to the factory irons.

If I come across the postings that might provide a hint as to the factory threading, I'll let you know, but would be very suspect that the GB you are considering has the same thread. You might also wish to check with Ruger if it even left the factory as a GB model, since some folks mod their Mini-14s to be like GB models. Not that it matters much since I (personally) believe the key is the counter-weight value of the flash hider/front sight/bayo lugs. If you can find a CA-legal muzzle break that pretty much matches the weight of a GB's flash hider, I think you should be good.

Consider that my 181GB is probably close to 1.5-3.5 MOA, depending on my coffee consumption and value to a support other than a flimsy bi-pod, with factory ammo. If I took greater care in shooting - with a decent front support and better ammo - it would likely be better. Never missed a shot at a 300m half-silhouette pop-up target with it at an Army range, supported with a sand bag and shooting M193. That was good enough for me, and still is.
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Thanks, but if you read my other post, I got a $1200+ package deal on a 581 stainless and a slug of stuff for $795!
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