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Burris scope repair update

Some may remember my " Burris Optics Service Sucks" thread from a couple months ago found here:


Third time was the charm. I got my Burris scout scope for my Mini-30 back from Burris in Colorado. The warranty repair saga is over after three round-trips to Greeley, Colorado from Illinois. It took a few months, all told.

I was starting to wonder if Burris as a company was on the ropes. I still wonder a bit. This all started before COVID-19 was on our radar, so that wasn't an issue. Burris isn't the same Burris that I knew from the old days. It's been owned by Beretta since 2002. So the USA owned company draw is no longer part of the equation.

Who do you call when something goes wrong with first line support in the USA? No one knows. One of the customer support guys I talked to after my scope came back the second time still not right, laughed when I asked to speak to his supervisor. There wasn't one.

Last time I checked they have an interim general manager and an unreachable tech support supervisor. I found his email on a deep search of the web and sent him a note anyway. I didn't hear back from him, but my scope finally came back in good order like a new one.

I still recommend Burris Optics. I've used Burris scopes since 1989/1990, and they've all been good. So good that I still have and use every one I've ever bought over the years. This was my first experience with their Forever "No questions asked" warranty repair. For now I choose grace and will allow them time to find their footing during what appears to be a transition period.

They finally did get my scope right, so I know they can still do it right here in the good old USA. That's the bottom line.

There are many details to the saga, but it would take a book to fully detail the comedy of errors, so I'll leave it there.

Important thing is my vintage, made in USA 2.75X Scout Scope is finally home.
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Living in the town that they make them in, when I acquire anything used, I drop it off for a lookover and they have always done a great job. I did have a nice old Signature model 1.5-6X that cost me a nice Antelope that took 17 years to draw. Something came loose on the internals that was allegedly not worth repairing. They swapped it out for a nice MTAC 1.5-6 with the lighted recticle. They were also generous to give me the 30mm rings required to mount it up. I have had great success with lots of their products over 40 years and consider their models to be the bang for the buck.

Glad they finally got yours good to go!
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Yeah, they've always been nice and very helpful with general questions. Unfortunately, when I actually sent something in for warranty repair my relationship with Burris become closer to adversarial. I'm assuming they've been overwhelmed lately, and assuming that it will pass... hopefully.

I have three different Burris Scout scopes... all for my Mini-30. The oldest ones have never had issues. I can reach out to 300 yards with the Mini-30 using the 2.75x Scout Scope. (Model 200269).

But I'm looking at their Fullfield II 2-7x35mm conventional scope to reach out farther and for use in other situations where a conventional over-the-receiver scope is a better choice. Seems a perfect match for the Mini-30 and 7.62x39 cartridge.
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"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13
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Glad they got it fixed for you Beck. Seems like now a days nothing is like it used to be.
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