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Is there a BOSS type device for a Mini?

Has there ever been a BOSS type device for a Mini?

Similar to the type Win and Brownings use.

Seems like a no brainer to come up with one.

Attach to the threaded Minis, dial it forward or back to find sweet spot harmonics.

I have two factory versions for my Winchester and they work.

Heck, it could even be designed to look or act as a flash suppressor.

About 4 or 5 inches long.

Neat fact: BOSS devices are 9/16X24 and older Minis are also 9/16X24 I believe.

I am tempted to try a BOSS on a Mini.

Please I do not wish to discuss the Ruger target model device or Struts.

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There have been at least two. I posted about one
years ago--->

I replaced it a different device I made---->

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Other than the Boss type and those that Mini-Mizer linked to, many people have found in the past that the heavy Eagle brand or Dakota Precision brand flash hiders have a positive effect. There's no adjusting. You just pin them on.

The roughly 4 ounces of weight at the end of the muzzle does the magic. When I replaced my original Mini-30 sight with an Eagle flash hider/HK sight nearly 30 years ago, that alone cut my groups in half, from just under 4" @ 100 yards to a hair under 2" @ 100 yards. I continue to tighten my groups with little tweaks here and there, but that sight change was the most dramatic.

The weight at the muzzle alone does something involving some physics and a little voodoo.
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