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Best tool to remove stubborn factory gas bushing

I succeeded today in getting my gas block off of my Mini in 300 blackout after picking up a set of 1/4 inch drive bits, one being the 9/64.

It worked better than the allen wrenches I had for the most stubborn one.

However, I've tried to get a hold/fix on the factory gas bushing with needle nosed vice grips, but I can't seem to get any of them to hold onto it.

The bushing is in there really good and I'm looking for ideas how to free it properly.

Trying to replace it with the ASI 0.065 or 0.07 bushing after I take a depth measurement of the OEM and ensure the new can be properly fitted/trimmed to length.

I got no need for subsonic rounds anymore and hoping to get milder op-rod action to get better accuracy.

If I can't get something decent in improvement out of this rifle with premium handloads after gas block tuning, I'll probably go with a Ruger American 300 AAC that takes AR mags.

I'm not asking for sub-MOA, I'm just tired of the obsurd first cold shot flyers being from another continent figuratively speaking for the supersonic loads.
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Last one I removed needed a soak with some carbon cutter. The buildup had it cemented in place.
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Kroil penetrating oil works well on stuck bushings..MM
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I also had one in my mini 30 to get stuck. I eventually got it out after letting it soak in WD-40 overnight & then taking a needle nose pair of vice grips & working it back & forth for a while. I had about given up but it finally came out. The Kroil penetrating oil would probably work better but WD-40 was all I had at the time.

Havocsquad I understand how you feel about the cold flyer shots. I'm having the same issue now with my Tactical. I also had that problem with my SS. Sometime after glass bedding the stock, installing an ASI adjustable gas block & using one of sandog's pet loads it went away. Apparently some other people have the same problem. Not only in the mini's but bolt actions as well. My model 582 SS Mini 30 now shoots pretty good but it was a frustrating process. Just hang in there & you will finally get it like you want.
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That's a knew one on me. My bushings just fall out. I learned the hard way the first time to dismantle the gas block over a towel on the floor... so it won't roll under the kitchen table like it did the first time. I have heard of bushings being too long and getting stuck. Never heard of them being stuck because of crud. Penetrating oil or carbon cutter sounds right. Then use one side of a very small needle nose pliers in the bushing hole and turn, wiggle, etc until it comes out. That's only if you don't plan on reusing that bushing.
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The first round flyer. The mystery continues. I heard a phrase a few days ago that describes what happens to an M1 Garand after you take it apart for cleaning or maintenance. It's called harmonic settling. The Garand match shooters only take their rifles apart at the end of the season for cleaning and updates. The reason they do not take them apart during match season is because it disturbs the "harmonic settling".

That is why the Garand match shooters like the 1st round practice shot. It ensures their rifle is settled in for the match. I shot my skinny barrel Mini all summer long a few years back trying to find that perfect load. I also wanted to find a way to avoid the 1st round flyer. I found out that if I left my rifle together after shooting and did not take it apart to clean it, I could go out the following week and pretty much pick up where I left off and no flyers. I had let the stock and the action settle into each other and that is where I left them.

All I did was pull a bore snake through the bore and dropped some oil down onto the op-rod and the channel and everyone was happy. I went well over 1000 rounds for the summer without taking the rifle apart. I had to restart the process all over again after I cleaned it for the winter.

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