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Ruger owns pine tree casting who makes the receivers. They could easily go the casting on the stock pieces...
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My refinished Samson folder. The ‘before’ pic and the after pics. Stripped, Stained with water based stain. Finished with raw linseed oil.
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A-TM Folding Stock-6b6ae7ad-9656-4e57-b329-80aa5516f38d_1591752451723.jpg   A-TM Folding Stock-d8ab98a3-cc89-433c-88d2-6208d89a0cfe_1591754325237.jpg   A-TM Folding Stock-2ce3f076-8efb-403e-9d94-db863737e611_1591754342137.jpg  
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Man that thing looks like fun!
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Originally Posted by RichD View Post
My refinished Samson folder. The ‘before’ pic and the after pics. Stripped, Stained with water based stain. Finished with raw linseed oil.
Do you do private work? Have a Choate folder from 1980 (or perhaps just a bit earlier) that would appreciate your work, as well as a current Ruger woodie that could go a bit darker. Not sure I'm talented enough...

When you get enough posts, PM me!
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RJF: I’m a relative novice so I wouldn’t trust myself with your stocks, although mine came out really well. The process is quite easy although it requires patience if you use raw linseed oil (RLO), given about a week between coats. I have an affection for the feel of original M1 carbine stocks and that was what I was after, and achieved with this. As such, only RLO would do for me. I didn’t care that it arrived too light in color for my taste as I had no intention of keeping a polyurethane finish from the start. I’d have preferred to not have had to use stain but the wood was what it was. All in all, a very enjoyable and satisfying project. I imagine the refinish of your old stocks would be similarly easy and fun.
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Originally Posted by whofarted View Post
How goofy does a blued 18" barreled rifle look in the stainless folder?? I cant find any pics. My Google-Fu fails me.
Late to the discussion, but...a picture in blue attire is here:

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I'm certain the Samson folder will sell well, once Samson ramps-up production. Part of Samson's products being delayed might be due to Ruger being engaged with current demand for Ruger firearms, and so mot being able to devote attention to Samson's requirements. Just a guess.
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So it turns out to be relatively simple to convert a Samson folding stock into a fixed stock (because my state is run by loons) with a glued in a shim that takes advantage of a factory retention pin to lock everything together solidly.

A 3/8" diameter nylon spacer 1/4" tall can have a half round sliced off and sanded to fit perfectly in the shoulder of the plunger (MA-13900). You simply fill in the milled shoulder of the plunger with a glued in placed spacer to reduce the shoulder down to cross pin slot to fix the stock once the stock is fully reassembled in the locked extended position. The steps seem wordy, but it's relatively simple.

Trim a half round the width of the slot from the 3/8" diameter x 1/4" tall nylon spacer. Sand/file the nylon spacer down until the spacer fits perfectly in the milled shoulder of the plunger.

Cut/sand/file 3/32" off the bottom of the half round spacer so that the pin has a hole to pass through. You should be able to lay the retention pin (MA15200) in the slot.

Super glue the spacer into the shoulder of the plunger as shown with the slot left for the pin at the bottom of the plunger (the spring hole end). Let the glue fully dry.

Oil the inside of the hole the plunger goes into on the stock arm plate and place the plunger spring (MA-14400) in there.

Put in the plunger in the hole upside down (so the spring is pushing it out from the beveled top that normally rests against the stock arm) while holding the back of of the plunger (the side with the drilled hole for the spring) with a pair of pliers padded with electrical tape (to avoid marring the surface of the plunger). Placing the plunger in upside down provides a gripping surface for pliers on the inside and outside lip of the spring hole.

Twist the plunger around pressing down against the spring using the pliers to make sure the spacer in the plunger shoulder isn't binding against the hole in the stock arm plate, if you haven't sanded/filled/fitted the spacer perfectly plumb -gently twisting the plunger against the hole will scrape off the excess nylon until the spacer fits perfectly. Keep doing this until the plunger moves smoothly as it did prior to installing the spacer.

<<<This is why you put the plunger in backward backwards, to not have a plunger get stuck with a spacer binding in the stock arm plate. You an inside edge of the plunger to grip with pliers and have the spring tension available to push the plunger back out of the hole so it won't get stuck. If it gets stuck -which happened to me without the benefit of putting it in upside down, you'll need a strong magnet to yank it out -yet another reason to remember to make sure to oil it and have the spring in there to provide some action to push the plunger out if need be!>>>

Once you've confirmed the plunger with the spacer fitted smoothly moves up and down in the hole, you can take the plunger out and put it back in the correct way over the spring.

Slide the stock arm to the fully open position over the plunger and make sure the flat of the plunger is aligned properly against the flat of the stock arm.

Look through the retention pin hole and you'll likely notice just a tiny amount of the nylon spacer blocking the top edge retention pin hole (~1/32"). Place a 3/32 drill bit in the retention pin hole and gently turn it with pliers to clear the pin channel of the excess nylon spacer and you'll have a clear path for the pin to go through.

Tap the retention pin in and you're all set. The stock is fixed in place by the retention pin since the plunger no longer has the ability to travel with the glued in place shim blocking the plunger from being pressed.

If you've done it perfectly there will be zero movement of the plunger when you attempt to press it down with the retention pin inserted. This is permanent short of taking the stock apart again, tapping out the pin, removing the plunger and melting/dissolving/carefully chiseling out the glued nylon spacer from the shoulder of the plunger.
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Maybe after a year, offer a molded polymer version of the stock instead of wood. Should not take much to mold in extra anchor points in the steel parts or make the pistol grip molded in as part of the stock.

Another thing in what I call the PIP would be two struts, not just one. Also adding a cheek piece and/or a recoil pad.
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Just an update,

Got the call from Samson yesterday, the folder stock will be in my hands in 2weeks. After 35 years and 8 months lol I finally get to have one. So, anyone who has ordered on or near Feb 4 should be getting an email. Ruger's webite showed them in stock yesterday, and I checked their site today and already out of stock.

Boy I tell ya, who ever the genius was at Ruger that said these things would never sell should be fired, or given a nice heaping plate of crow to eat.
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