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imarangemaster 08-06-2019 13:06

Rugers in the desert

Just went on my annual 4 day camping trip with my buddy in the Jarbidge Mountains north of Elko NV, just below Idaho border. Spent a lot of time 4 wheeling, getting as high as 8100 ft one way up to Copper Mountain. Just tent camped.

We did a little shooting, but there were some issues that limited us. First, the area is a mass of huge cattle ranches, with cattle everywhere, even on public lands. Ranching has been big there since the 1880s, and my buddy (a Basque) grew up on a Basque sheep ranch in the 50s and 60s, in the same area.

Secondly, it is just before bow season, and there were amazing numbers of people cruising around scouting areas. It was strange that in such a rugged and desolate area, there were so many people around!

A third factor is that they have had several good winters, and the sage brush (now VERY dry) was incredibly thick. Fire hazard was very high, and limited were we could even shoot.

As I said, we did do a little shooting, anyway. I brought my Ruger 10-22 that my wife bought me in 1973, and my 186 Mini-14. The 10-22 is as accurate as always, hitting everything I aimed at 50-100 yards from a rest.

The Mini did great also. There was a chaulky rock (probably compressed caliche) about 12 inches in diameter on a bare dirt hillside about 180 yards away. I leaned on the bed of the truck and nailed it just left of dead center with a 77 OTM reload. I also slung the rifle free standing and nailed dirt clods at 60-70 yards off hand. Good enough for me.

I wish we could have spent more time plinking, but it was a great success. I was able to clear my mind and re-charge my body durning the 4 days in the desert and mountains.

Camped first night by Mary's River:

Elevation 8100 ft.

Mr.T. 08-06-2019 14:02

Look at that view! Just awesome!

imarangemaster 08-06-2019 14:55

Several observations. Northern Nevada is a "high desert", without a doubt. While it is very hot and very dry, there are creeks, springs, and streams everywhere once you get out of the flats into the mountains. They are seldom more than a couple miles apart. I have always found that to be surprising. While many are cattle and beaver polluted, when you get above 6,500 to 7,000 feet or so they are fairly clear. We brought drinking water, but used the steams to make coffee and wash up.

Secondly was the number of people I saw this trip. North of Elko up into Idaho is not a convenient area to get to. It is literally 4 hours from even Reno, or much longer from Las Vegas. I am used to the desert being crowded around those two areas, but it was surprising here.

It was great when Alex shows me an old Ranch site that his dad, uncle, or grandfather owned or managed until the late 50s or early 60s. The transition from sheep to cattle started then. Prior to that the sheep were more profitable because of their wool, lanolin, and even meat. He regaled be with stories or growing up in the Basque ranching culture, and camping by all the different creeks in Sheep camps. The old west was very alive still in the pre-WW2 days and even beyond.

Back to shooting. In the old days, the sheep kept the brush down far more than the cows do, but never so much that it killed it (an old wive's tale spread by cattlemen to vilify sheep in the old West). They were able shoot almost anywhere back then.

Sparkie 08-06-2019 19:04

I go up 95 from Winnemucca to 140 to Adel, OR. Sheep and high speed beef (antelope). Great area I love the High Desert, pictures I have look the same as yours.
Fishing is good around Adel, also no damn tree huggers.

Sparkie 08-06-2019 19:39

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NV & OR off 140

imarangemaster 08-06-2019 20:21

Unfortunately, Nevada is getting a lot of " Bunny bu*t kissers" from Commiefornia now.

Sparkie 08-06-2019 21:03

The one's from KF are all over leaving like rats on a sinking ship. OR has a bunch leaving the big cities also the problem is they bring their idiot ideas with with them.
Need to setup deprogramming stations at the borders, or fruit and nut inspections ports of entry.

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