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An enjoyable day at the range

Went to the range today and had a great time. I took my Hi-Point 995 TS and my Ruger Mini-14 model 5855.

I fed the Hi-Point a few rounds of Magtech 115 grain ball (brass case) and then ran Winchester 115 grain ball (steel case) the rest of the day. I was very pleased with the performance of both rounds.

As a side note, do yourself a huge favor and purchase a Hi-Point Mag Loader. It not only saves the fingers; it loads the rounds with the proper nose up orientation and minimizes misfeeds. When I bought mine I got 2 for around $12. A most worthwhile investment in my experience.

I fed my Mini-14 a few rounds of Olympic 5.56x45 55 grain ball (brass case) and then ran Hornady 55 grain match hollow point (steel case) the rest of the day and again I was very pleased with the performance of both rounds.

I just LOVE both of these rifles! Sunshine and 83 degrees with a light breeze, a perfect day. It was great to have the smell of spent powder in my nose and to hear the sound of empty cases tinkling on the ground. Life is good!
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It’s been about a month since I shot my minis but I did get out plink with some 22 Lr in a Ruger American Rifle, great trigger on that gun!
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Gonna warm up my SS 582 Ranch Rifle tomorrow in a Practical Rifle match tomorrow. Sort of a one rifle run & gun match. I hold my own against all the other black rifles.
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