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Interesting day at the range.

First, I decided to sight my AR15 16" 1/7 with a Tasco red dot. It is an older one that actually uses an X-Y axis to adjust. One goes up and down at a 45 degree angle in one direction, and one goes 45 degree angle in the other. IT SUCKED! After wasting 50 rounds on my MK262 MOD1 77 grain clone reloads, I gave up. Got it sighted with the BUIS, and popped clay pigeons at 100 yards.

Next I went to the 186 series Mini-14 with its 1/7 twist. First time since I switched it to the polymer stock, UFGH!!!about 4 inches off to the lower right at 25 yards. Played with it for awhile trying to sight it in. Finally gave up and put it back into its factory wood stock. Within 6 shots, I had it dialed back in at 25 and was breaking clay pigeons at 100 yards with the irons. This was with my same 77 grain MK262 clone loads.

A couple thoughts:

One: I just shoot better with iron sights, at least the ones I have tried, including a Bushnell TRS-32.

Two: This is my third foray into polymer stocks on the Mini-14. The first was a 196 stainless that came in a factory polymer. It was great. Next was a 583 Mini-30 I tried in a polymer, and it was awful. Sighting problems.

third was this Mini-14. Once again, sighting problems. This time it was a Mini-30 stock used on a Mini-14. Probably a no-go idea,

Conclusion: Stick with wood and steel. It is so satisfying to pop it up, sight 6 o'clock on a clay pigeon at 100 yards, and turn it into dust. The last coyote I shot was with a 583 series Mini-14, wood stocked, iron sights, using IIMI 77 grain MK262 MOD1. It was about 120 yards or so, IIRC, and dead right there with one shot.
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One of our test rifles with a factory polymer stock was shooting 10' fliers (not 10 inches, 10 feet). It was so loose in the stock you could see it wiggle. Bedded the stock, and it was awesome. No more fliers.

(Incidentally, a Hogue stock used on another Mini required no bedding. Rock solid out of the box.)
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Stocks are usually too tight or too loose. Bedding or shimming helps the loose side and filing the lips of the forearm at the gas block side helps the tight fit. I’ve smashed some lead to improve the fit at the gas block end and forearm liner.
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Tasco, in general, sucks.
Get above $200 with a red dot (Burris Fastfire III or better) and you’ll have better results.
And if it is a carbine that you might need to save your skin, you don’t want no cheapie dot on there.

My most accurate Mini-30 has always been the synthetic stock one, even when it had some side to side play.
Now that I’ve shimmed the stock and put a short strut on it, it is awesome.
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If I was really interested in absolutely having the polymer I would play with it more. I am good, however, with original wood and M1 Carbine with a "stiffy!"
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Sounds like a great time at the range.

This is one of the keys to why people report such differences in accuracy. The complete original firearm is either well put toghether or not.

I would tend to agree that wood stocks rock... but that's because my Mini-30 came well put together from the factory dressed in wood. Very good fit. I also prefer the look of wood. The tiger stripe look of my original birch stock is particulary appealing to me. It comes down to dumb luck as for how a stock looks.

Then I see where others have the same good fortune with a factory synthetic stock. Every Mini seems truly unique, from the way it's fit to the ammo it likes best.

It's not only Ruger of course. The phenomenon is industry-wide to some degree.

When I get a second Mini-30 I may experiment with stocks. This one is working too well as is to mess with.
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Haha! That's why I went back to the factory wood stock. Whacks 200 yard gong and 100 yard clay pigeons with iron sights in the wood. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I really believe the muzzle brake attenuates the muzzle whip. After 100 rounds, my pencil barrel with the brake was still breaking clays at 100. If I was going to scope, I might use a 3 or 4" SOCOM Accu-Strut, but for now it is a 100-150 yard coyote killer with irons and no strut!
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I have Choate Conventional stocks on my Mini 14 and my Mini 30. Both of them shoot lights out. They both have a tighter fit than any factory Ruger stock that I have seen.
They feel considerably lighter than a wood stock too. No need to worry about nicking or scratching them either.
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