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Mini 30 5804 informal range report

Good news for me, and hopefully some of you out there. I had a small window of time today to go to an informal National Forest shooting area. I've been itching for months to shoot my recent 5804 purchase mini 30 ( wood/stainless). After 10 ends of brass/boxer ammo, I loaded up the factory 5 rnd mag with RAS 124 gr. BTHP. Based on past experience, I wasn't expecting this 30 to shoot steel case ammo without a hick-up. Much to my surprise, it fired them all in a row, no stoppages, or light strikes.

Today's range session was just a function test, and all I can tell you is that I am very happy! The factory sights seem to be very close, and the soda cans were jumping up to about 20 feet in the air.

You know when you pick up a firearm, and everything about it clicks, and you know you have something special and extraordinary. That's the feeling I get with this mini 30. I had a feeling the first time I picked it up that this one was going to be a real winner. This particular mini was a special order I placed through my LGS, and it is special. I'm not going to screw around with changing stocks or extensive mods until it is broken in.

I want to give a shout out to imarangmaster for turning me into this particular mini 30 variation, and to Sandog for pointing me to the RAS ammo.

I will make a point of reporting updates on this mini, after break-in, and when I can do some accuracy evaluations on it. Even if it just turns in average groups though, I will keep this mini 30 because of its reliability, if that doesn't change.
Right now, my plans are to put a Nikon P-300 optic on it, and go from there with accuracy mods.

Nascar out.
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Thanks Nascar. Let us know how the scope looks, how you attached it and how it lines up for cheek weld.
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Sounds promising. The RAS (Vympel) 124 gr. FMJBT #2423 is the round that's given me the best groups of anything I've used since I bought my Mini-30 nearly 30 years ago, brass or steel case. That's only been in the last 2 years that my Mini is shooting better than ever. Just under 2" groups @ 100 yards, and blowing up 2-liter pop bottles @ 200 yards using a Burris 2.75x scout scope.

The hollow point version is designed for even better BC and stability. In theory it might be for those who subscribe to a small hollow point boat-tail for even better accuracy and precision than FMJBT.

I bought some RAS 124gr HPBT #AM2458 with my last order, but like you thus far I've only had a chance to test it for functionality and short range. Runs smooth in my 189 Series too.

Looking forward to your future range reports and I'll share mine so we can get an idea of what it can do in my older .308 bore and your new model. I've read really good reports about it in AKs and 7.62x39 bolt guns. Hopefully I'll get out within the next week or so to get it on paper @ 100 yards. I'm plenty happy with what my Mini is doing now, but who knows, my best groups may be yet to come.
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