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Ruger Mini-30 Ranch Rifle

Hello, long story short i won a ruger mini 30 ranch rifle, i have never shot/held one, so my question is can i shoot a 30 Carbine round out of it? or only 7.62x39? Pretty rookie question i know but just trying to figure it out before i got out shooting. thanks!
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First, welcome to the forum. Your rifle only shoots 7.62 X 39. Attempting to shoot any other cartridge will be dangerous. I highly reccomend that you visit a gun store for advice and to acquaint yourself with the choices of rounds available in this caliber.
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ghuggins, what Gray said! To include "Welcome to the forum".

Several members here have problems with steel-cased ammo, like Wolf and Tula. Those usually have Berdan primers, that require just a bit more penetration of the primer by the firing pin to fire (there are fixes to this, but for you, you would probably need a gunsmith that is knowledgeable about Mini-30s). Others don't, but why chance it (unless you are going to be doing a LOT of shooting)? The brass-cased stuff is generally far more reliable, cleaner, easier on the gun, and usually re-loadable (even if you don't re-load, you can share your expended brass with those that do). It is also generally more expensive, but IMHO, worth it. Failures to fire just sort of suck the fun out of shooting such a fun gun. If your Mini-30 works with the commie steel-cased Berdan-primed ammo stuff, great! Perhaps get a small amount to see how well your Mini handles it. It is generally dirtier, though.

Just for perspective, here is some Swiss ammo that is brass-cased and boxer-primed (re-loadable):
Geco 7.62x39mm Ammo 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket

This is from a guy who only has Mini-14s in 5.56, so take this with a grain of salt.
Even Gurus were a rookie once. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions and use the search function.
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Geco should be good ammo, I have only used Geco pistol ammo, but it is good. You could also try Fiocchi or, my favorite, PPU (Privi Partisan).
If you must shoot steel case, Berdan primed ammo for economic reasons, try Red Army Standard.
The few boxes I shot were 100% ignition.
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Only time I have had a serious problem with my mini 30, was shooting hornady steel case ammo. It fired every rd but 3 out of 3 didn't eject but I was running a .070 gas bushing at the time. My biggest concern was the last rd was stuck in the chamber and I had to use some force to get it out. I will not be using it again in My mini 30. At first it sucks when you learn the mini isn't up to shooting steel case ammo. I mean that's the biggest advantage to the 7.62 rd. $5.99 for a box of 20 in my area. I have moved past that I can get the ppu bass case local for $10.99. That's still cheaper than most any other 30 cal ammo in my area. I am going to leave the steel case to the Sks.
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30 Carbine and 7.62x39 are totally different cartridges.

Will not work.
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Take Gray's advice. People at the gun shop will show you how to disassemble it too.
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Originally Posted by flashhole View Post
People at the gun shop will show you how to disassemble it too.
Or better yet, you can watch the Ruger Arms made YouTube videos for the Mini-14 (same as the Mini-30 but a different caliber).

Dissembling the Mini-14

Reassembling the Mini-14

Cleaning the Mini-14

Going to the source, if possible, is always a good place to start. 👍
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Mini-Thirty & 7.62X39

The 7.62 ammo KICKS more than the .30 Carbine does! Be ready and lean into it a bit. You will shortly get used to the kick. It is about the same as a .30-30, and ballistically they are nearly the same.......................elsullo
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Welcome! And congrats on the new mini-30. I love my older ('99 vintage) mini-30 and it's one of the lucky ones that eats anything I throw at it, including yugo spam can, Tula/brown/silver/golden bear, you name it.

I added an accuracy systems adjustable gas port/barrel stabilizer and really like being able to adjust the gas to keep the action from beating itself to death with hotter loads.

I just started reloading for the mini-30, too and it's generally a fun rifle to tinker with and inexpensive to shoot. Hoping to take my son on his first hog hunt soon and he'll either use the mini or my old model '94 30-30 lever gun.
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I'd be interested in hearing a accuracy report. Congrats on the new gun.
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30 carbine, 7.62x39, mini-30

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