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Ammo Preference?

Happy New Year to All! You guys with vintage 10/22's, what brand of ammo's giving you best accuracy? I have a '78 Sporter Deluxe, 100% stock, Vortex 2x8x32 scope. I sighted in with mediocre brand name stuff, Federal 525 red brick stuff, and Winchester 333 brick stuff, accuracy was so-so at 50yds, 1.5"+ groups. That same ammo was yielding .50"-.75" groups out of an old, scoped Marlin 60. I didn't expect the 10/22 was picky about ammo. Fed everything 100%, even the few squibs the Winchester stuff had.
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Hate to be the one to break it to ya. You wont know 'til you try all kinds of ammo, Part of the fun with 22's, I have had pretty good luck with budget Target ammo, low end RWS, Wolf , etc. 100 yds is shortest I shoot now. But no definitive ammo, just have to try diff stuff.
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So far my best accuracy is with Eley, .5" at 50yds.
However CCI Standard is almost as good, about .60
This is from my 10/22 with Kidd barrel.
My regular 10/22 is about .75
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my 1974 10/.22 always gives minute of squirrel accuracy with anything BUT Remington Thunderbolt
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My preference is the stuff i paid 4c to 5 c per round for before the plandemic hit. I wont pay 20c + Per rnd that its going for now.
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Different guns, different favored ammo. 2 10/22’s can have different favorites.
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No dinky giant garden monsters now. No garden. Since the engagement range is usually quite short and my, (our) collective aim may be suspect, the Green Mountain Bentz chambered 1x9 quick twist 8" barrel used on the suppressed Ruger 10-22 SBR works just fine with the Aquila SSS 60 grain round nose lead bullets individually hollow pointed and weighed to about 55 grains bullet weight. Time consuming.

Seems to work OK. If we can see them thru the effective, (still) Cheap Russian Yukon low light scope they cease to move after being hit. Maybe 25 yards TOP. Usually 10-15 yards. Accurate enough. Pop, thud. Sometimes a squeak or two. Repeat. The good German 110 round drums help greatly.

Green Mountain Barrels.
Elite Iron Cans
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Anything but those waxy Remington rounds.
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If you want excellent accuracy out of a 10-22 you have to find one of the old heavy barrel target models.

Maybe the newer version is ok.......I haven't tried one.

You're doing fine with what you've got.

Stick with Federal ammo.
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